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Writing Assignment 1: Sign of the Zodiac and Person/job fit

September 22, 2015 0 Comment

Modern astrology relates the signs of the zodiac with certain birth dates. The signs of the zodiac are thought to relate to certain personal characteristics. Some astrologers associate signs of the zodiac with person/job fit, suggesting that people will be happier or more productive or more successful if their job is aligned properly with their sign.

Review the report here: http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/worklife/10/15/cb.astrology.career/index.html?iref=24hours


This web page refers to a survey, but many of the details of how the survey was conducted are not published along with the results.


Please write your answer to each of the following questions directly below the question using this word document. Before you submit your work to Canvas through TurnItIn, change the filename so your lab instruction will know the file is yours.


  1. Pride in work (10): Please use complete sentences and paragraphs. No spelling or grammatical errors.
  2. What kind of claim (frequency, association, causal) does the page make? [a sentence] (10)
  3. What sort of support is shown on the page for the claim? (10)
  4. What problems do you see with the study? Given how they collected the data, are there likely to be problems with the claim? (20)
  5. Using your ability to search for information, what evidence (literature, empirical or not), is there to support or refute the claim? Find 3 relevant sources, at least one from a peer-reviewed journal – summarize the salient points for each source, and explain how credible your sources are and why (based on credibility as explained by the textbook). You should be able to accomplish this in one to two paragraphs (one for summaries and one for credibility ratings or all together). Include in-text citations and include them in a reference list at the end of your paper. (30)
  6. Suppose you wanted to evaluate a claim for the association between sign of the zodiac and success (defined as annual income) at work. That is, you want to know whether people whose sign matches their job make more money in that job (presumably because they fit better or because of fate). Describe a study that would let you assess the association. [There are many possible ways to do this; just propose something that would be practically feasible and makes sense.]
    1. Describe the independent variable – how would you assign or measure? [a sentence] (10)
    2. Describe the dependent variable – how would you measure it? [a sentence up to a paragraph.] (10)
    3. Describe the sample of people (what occupation(s), how many people, etc.) [a paragraph] (10)
    4. Will you tell your participants that they are in a study about sign of the zodiac and job fit? Why or why not? [a paragraph] (10)
    5. Describe the procedure – how would you gather the data? [a paragraph] (20)
    6. What kind of table or chart could you produce that would show whether there was an association? How would you use the results of your study to decide if there was an association between the sign of the zodiac and job success [You don’t have to produce a table or statistical analysis, just describe how you would know the outcome of the study.][a paragraph] (10)

The total length of the paper should be 2 to 3 pages, excluding references; 150 points.

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