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WIKI ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS The purpose of this assignment is to: •           Provide a glossary of terms used in the course. •             Introduce students to the use of reliable reference sources. •   Foster critical thinking skills as students review one another’s work. •    Encourage interaction among students as they review and edit one another’s work. Instructions for Creating a Page (Module/Week 4) For the first part of this assignment, you will choose a term from the list provided, use reliable reference sources to compile an explanation for the term, and post the definition to the wiki. Step 1: Choose a term from the list below and create a page in the Wiki. Check to make sure the term you selected has not been posted to the wiki. List of terms for Step 1 1. Anticlerical 2.           Anti-Semitism 3.               Artisan 4.             Bourgeoisie 5.                Colonialism 6.    Decolonization 7.             Détente 8.          Diaspora 9.          Genocide 10.     Gulag 11.             Hegemony 12.          Hierarchical 13. Imperialism 14.  Laissez faire 15. Modernism 16. Polity 17.              Reason 18.          Self-determination 19.          Sovereignty 20. Standing army 21.            Suffrage 22.        Tabula rasa 23. Utilitarian 24.       Vatican 25.          Vernacular 26.          Xenophobia 27.                Democracy 28.  Deism 29. Ideology 30.   Isolationism 31. Proletariat 32.    Third World Step 2: Research the meaning of the word in the context of the material covered in this course: European history from 1648 to the present. Use reliable reference sources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) and works of historical scholarship (peer-reviewed journal articles, essay collections, historical monographs). Do not use an open web search, popular magazines, or works targeting children. Do not use the course text as a source for this assignment. Use at least 3 different reference works. Reference sources for Step 2: The best reference sources are available in the Liberty’s Library. The following are recommended for this assignment. Britannica Academic Edition—essentially an encyclopedia, but with links to dictionaries and websites. Be sure to correctly identify and cite the specific source used. Gale Virtual Reference Library—a collection of reference works. Look for titles that include the word encyclopedia or dictionary. If you use this database, remember to cite the specific reference work (ebook) used. Step 3: Synthesize the information you have gathered into a single, concise definition of the term. Write at least 1 full paragraph using complete sentences. Some definitions will require more explanation than others, but most will be 200–250 words. Write only in your own words. Do not copy and do not quote from other sources. Type your definition into the wiki page which you have created for the course. Include a list of the reference sources used. For books, essays, and journal articles, include a full bibliographic entry properly formatted in current Turabian style. See the Turabian Quick Guide for citing most sources. For reference works, give the full title of the reference work and the publication year. If it is an electronic source, give a working link. Sample entry for reference source: Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 2012. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked /topic/117198/Church-Father. Be sure to use clear, concise sentences assembled into coherent, unified paragraphs. Proofread carefully to prevent grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation errors.  You may revise as many as you wish, but you must revise at least two. Do not select your own page. Consult at least one additional source using the same guidelines as for the original definition (see above). Make revisions and changes that will significantly improve the quality of the definition. Include both substantive content revisions as well as writing edits. Add your reference to the list of references for that item.  Grading: The Wiki Page will be graded based on the appropriate use of sources, the extent to which the definition is thorough and accurate, and the quality of writing. Wiki Revisions will be graded based on the appropriate use of sources, the extent to which revisions and edits improve the accuracy and quality of the existing definition, and the quality of writing in the final, revised version of the page.

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