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Stock market report

June 26, 2015 0 Comment

Stock Market Project
This is a great opportunity to apply all of the concepts you have learned to date in one assignment. This project is valued at 80 points. Projects submitted after the due date will have a 30 % penalty.
Steps in accomplishing this project.
1. Identify a company that you want to research. Make sure material is available for this company because once you have identified it and it has been accepted by me you must follow through with that company.
2. Notify me of your company. Each student will have a different company. The first email I receive with a particular company name will be notified and I will post in announcements the company names and who will report on what company.
3. In writing your paper, please include the information in your paper in the order requested below. This assists me in locating your data. Once you have the report written, submit it as an attachment to me.
4. The presentation should be in paragraph format. The content of the report must contain the following items:
Name of Company
Articles: Titles and urls of two articles about the company, include their text in your report.
Company Stock Information:
1. Company stock is traded on what stock exchange?
2. What is the stock price?
3. On what date?
4. What is its trading range over the past year?
5. What is the dividend rate?
1. Name of chief executive officer.
2. Home office location.
3. Ending date of latest year.
4. Description of principles products or services.
5. Main geographic area of activity.
6. Name of company’s independent accountants.
7. In your own words what did the auditors say about the financial statement.
Industry Situation and Company Plans:
Describe the industry its outlook, and summarize the company’s future plans based on your research. Be sure to read the letter to the stockholders and include relevant information about the company’s plans from its discussion. (2 -3 paragraphs)
Financial Statements:
Refer to the Income Statements for the last two years:
1. Single-step or multiple-step?
2. What is gross margin?
3. What is income from operations?
4. What is net income?
5. Comment on the increases /decreases in these amounts. What do you think caused them?
Refer to the Statement of Cash Flows for the last two years:
1. Overall has cash increased or decreased over the past two years?
2. Are cash flows from operations more or less than net income for the past two years?
3. What is the company investing in?
4. What is the company’s most important sources of financing?
Accounting Policies:
List all of the topics in the notes to the financial statements?
Financial Analysis:
For the past two years, calculate and discuss the significance of the following ratios:
Working capital
Current ratio
Ratio of net sales to assets
Rate earned on total assets
Rate earned on common stockholder’s equity
Price-earnings ratio

Conclusion: One to two paragraphs regarding your future expectations for this company. How will it perform in contrast to its competitors?
It is best for you to print off the above requirements and check off what you have completed in your writeup. Points will be lost for items not included in your report.
You will be evaluated in the following way:
70% content.
30% written presentation. The presentation should be in paragraph format. It is helpful to me in the grading of your writeup if you follow the order presented above.
Spelling and grammar will be part of written presentation evaluation.

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