Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In relation to social issues “single Parenthood”. 2000 words


  1. Discuss in relation to the common sense perspective ( i.e. the ordinary understanding of the issue promoted in everyday conversation, films, TV, and news papers, (particularly tabloids)
  2. Apply sociological perspective that will explain why the situation exists and may challenge or confirm some of your common sense perspective, for example what does a Feminist, or Functionalism perspective say about single parents?


  1. Explain and select a social policy to that specific event, (i.e. what policies exist), for example to help people back into work? Are there policies about supporting single parents? .Have resources for these service user groups developed from policy?

1.4. What implications does it have for professional practice as an health and social professional?


  1. Case study 1000 words on unemployment in borough of Enfield.

A description of the area of interest and identification of why you have chosen to investigate this area.

You may choose (For example) poverty within the borough, your interests may be about social justice, and equal rights for people.


You may say you have chosen to investigate it, because it is very high in the borough, or it is significant amongst a particular group of people, etc.


3.2. Identify the potential social impact of your chosen area of interest

You may wish to consider how (For example) poverty affects the life chances of people, education, lack of job opportunities, poor housing etc.


3.3. How does this area relate to your profession?

Single parenthood and case study on unemployment in borough of Enfield