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Short Writing Assignment 2

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Remember this is an undergraduate essay. It should not be too complex or in depth. Use only the Cole text and online document. Do not use any other outside sources. The essay should just be your simple analysis of the readings.
1. Each essay is to be no less than 2 pages, no more than 3. Essays are to be typed, double spaced, with 1 inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font. The header should be single spaced and include both your name and section number.
2. For each essay, you are to address the following in a well-crafted analysis:
Select one of the assigned primary source readings (or associated set of readings) from the weeks specified for each writing assignment. (Can be found @ www.concisewesternciv.com) (**To find the documents on this site, open to the home-page, click on the “Primary Sources” tab, select the chapter number, and then click on the title in the synopsis to open the document.)
a. Relying primarily on the Cole text, describe the historical context of the reading/s you have chosen as best you can. (Context means the “back story” which includes the factual information of when, where, and who or what the selection is about, who wrote it, as well as the underlying reason the piece was written.)
***Send me a message telling me which chapter or chapters you need to do this part. I will scan and sending you the files.***
b. Analyze how this reading illustrates its moment in time. What does this piece tell you about the events and the people of that era? Consider the “hints” in the reading assignments as a starting point for your analysis of the meaning or significance of the document/s you have chosen.
Chapters covered
Week 4: Sep 16-20: The shift to the north and west: The Middle Ages
Cole: Ch 7 and 8
On-line:Ch 6, Doc 8, Eusebius on Constantine (how reliable is this account?); Doc 10, Roman accounts of persecutions
**At www.concisewesternciv.com: (Ch 6): Letters of Pliny and Trajan:
How do you deal with people challenging your belief system?
Week 5: Sep 23-27: Medieval Europe
Cole: Ch 9 and 10
On-line: Ch 7: Doc 3, Carolingian Revival of Learning
**At www.concisewesternciv.com: (Ch 7): The Conversion of Clovis and Einhard’s Life of Charlemagne:
How are these 2 kings different?
http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/magnacarta.html: The Text of Magna Carta:
What new ideas about political power does this text present?
http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/urban2-fulcher.html: Urban II, Speech at Council of Clermont and http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/koran-sel.html: The Qu’ran—I, 47:
Compare these two views of religious war.

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