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Service Design

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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Students must choose a multi-unit service based organisation in the leisure and hospitality sector

(restaurant, pub, hotel, entertainment venue etc.) and then attempt the following tasks:

Task 1: ‘Explore’ the organisation’s existing service design using service design tools and

techniques (to include evidence of mandatory site based observations). Analyse the

chosen organisation’s service design using relevant theory and frameworks.

Compare and contrast the service design with the chosen organisation’s closest

competitor. Identify a problem or problems with the chosen organisation’s service


Task 2: ‘Create’ to identify and develop service design improvement solutions and

recommendations that solve the problem or problems identified in Task 1 and

demonstrate service design thinking.

Task 3: ‘Reflect’ to produce an account of how you have reached your improvement

recommendations by documenting and reflecting on your own service design

practice (further guidance will be provided on Moodle). Students should avoid

purely focusing their reflection on their final design solution. The reflective account

must include the feedback on your recommendations received from (a) potential

service users and/or; (b) colleagues from your action learning set (ALS) group

(essential) and (c) what you would do differently if you could start your design

process again from the beginning.

All tasks are assessed according to the criteria in the marking scheme provided and all criteria are

weighted equally.

Students need to ensure that the organisation they choose has been pre-approved by the module

tutor before they start work on their assignment. The chosen organisation or site cannot be the

same as another student’s based on a first come first served principle. Evidence of service should be

collected from both primary research (such as observations) and secondary sources (market

research reports available through the library for example). Refer to the Service Design tools and

technique sessions for ideas and methods on how to collect evidence. Evidence should be

documented in the spirit of the service design methodology with appropriate analysis and


Observation data should be focused on site based customer / employee interactions. Students will

achieve higher marks for multiple site visits that are sufficiently detailed and structured. Students

should avoid presenting observational data that is just their own personal experience without other

perspectives from different stakeholder groups. The assessment should refer to relevant theory and


Report Structure and Submission Requirements

Use the Service Design Process as taught in class to structure the submission into ‘steps’. The

submission should be in report style (headings, sub-headings etc.) and reproduced in colour.

Students should use the third person throughout unless it is a personal reflection (i.e. Avoid using

‘I’). Hand written work should not be submitted, however diagrams and other pictures appropriately

and neatly hand annotated inserted as scans are permissible. A3 sheets or larger can be digitally

submitted. If in doubt, discuss with your tutor before submitting the report.

The target word count is 3000 words +/- 10%. Submissions that do not meet the target word count

will be penalised on a sliding scale in accordance with Faculty policy. References are not included in

the word count. Appendices are permissible, up to six sides of A4. The report should use the Harvard

referencing system (for which a guide is available on the module Moodle site).

Use of full colour diagrams and images, video and other media are positively encouraged but ensure

that all file formats can be opened and accessed using MS Office Word, PowerPoint (with embedded

video and audio acceptable),Paint and Adobe PDF. Discuss other file format opportunities with your

tutor. Work that is accessed on the internet via links in the main body of the report is not


Re-sit Students Only – additional assessment requirements

Students who are re-sitting the module need to choose an organisation that is different to their

previous attempt(s). Approval must be sought via email from the module tutor before starting work

on the re-sit attempt.

Re-sitting students should attempt all the elements of their first attempt assessment brief excluding

Tasks 3(b) and 3(c). Instead of Tasks 3(b) and 3(c) students must reflect on the differences between

their last attempt and their current attempt and the assessment feedback they received, highlighting

what they have done differently to meet the assessment requirements of the module in their next


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