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Reproductive Physiology

June 29, 2015 0 Comment

Please watch the following video by clicking on the link below. Use the video to assist you in answering the questions listed.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ygWu0rUs8I

  • STOP video at 13:43


Reproductive Anatomy

  1. During natural service, which structure receives the penis of the male?
  2. Up until a cow is ready to have a calf, in which structure can the developing fetus be found?
  1. Where does fertilization (between the ovum and the sperm) occur?
  2. Not only do the ovaries produce eggs, but also they produce two important hormones. Name each of these hormones.

Heat Detection and Signs of Estrus

  1. What are the four stages of estrus? When does each stage occur and how long do they last?
  2. What do cows do while they are in heat?
  3. Why is the rump and tail head of the cow marked with chalk?
  4. What are secondary signs of estrus? Name three.

AI Equipment and Semen Handling

  1. Name each piece of equipment that is used to properly execute the AI process.
  2. At what range of temperatures can semen be properly thawed?
  3. Why is it important to dry the semen straw? What else should be avoided?

Breeding Technique

  1. Why should the vulva be thoroughly cleaned?
  2. What can occur if semen is deposited in the cervix or in the uterine horn?


Please follow the link below and answer the corresponding questions.



  1. What is the apparatus called that allows access to Teddy’s rumen?
  2. Name the four parts of the ruminant stomach.
    1. What is the internal temperature of the rumen?
    2. How much can the rumen hold?
    3. What percentage of digestion occurs in the rumen?
  3. What is rumination?

 Please follow the link below. First, watch the video on the homepage. Next, click on the ‘Get Started’ button to the right and take the quiz. Even if you get the answer correct watch each video.



  1. From a nutritional standpoint, what can impact the daily requirements of livestock? What factors change these requirements and must be taken into consideration (if any)?

Please follow the link below to learn about the digestive systems of swine and poultry.



  1. In swine:
    1. What initiates the digestion process?
    2. Where does microbial digestion occur?
      1. Once microorganisms ferment fiber, what is produced and what does it supply to the pig?
    3. In poultry:
      1. What three structures replace the stomach that would be found swine?

Write one page about

The agriculture industry is constantly trying to improve itself. Since reproduction plays a large part in the livestock business, much research and technology has been devoted to improving this aspect. Using the internet select a type of reproductive technology (from the list below), provide a brief description of this type of technology, an advantage and disadvantage of it, and discuss how it has changed the livestock industry. Types of technology to choose from include: Artificial Insemination, Sexing of Sperm and Embryos, Embryo Production and Transfer, and Cloning. Make sure you properly cite all of your sources! Lastly, discuss what impact nutrition has on reproduction.


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