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Public Relations and Promotion in Travel and Tourism

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Assignment Task


Prepare a Public Relations Plan based on the following scenario.

Scenario: Select an organisation of your choice from the travel and tourism sector


The owner of your chosen organisation has decided that steps need to be taken to improve the performance of the business, particularly over the autumn and winter seasons. The increasing level of competition in the area is affecting the number of customers to the business and the owner feels that the situation can only get worse unless pro-active action is taken to put the business ‘back on the map’. He/she has been inspired by stories of other organisations that have become rejuvenated following the organising of an event. This action has helped the businesses combat seasonality and improve their performance over the autumn and winter seasons.


The owner is aware that you are studying travel and tourism at university and has therefore approached you as he/she feels you will have the right attitude to help him/her develop an event that could help revive the fortunes of the business.


The owner would like you to develop a public relations plan for this event. He/she feels that by developing such a plan, more focus will be placed on guaranteeing success plus hopefully more income can be generated. The plan should be structured into the sections detailed on the next page.


Section 1 of the Pubic Relations Plan (Suggested word count of 1,200 words) should contain responses to the following tasks:


Completing this section will enable you to show your understanding of the Role and Importance of Effective Public Relations for Travel and Tourism Organisations to meet Learning Outcome 1 (LO1)


You should demonstrate your ability to use academic and industry research to support your discussions as well as use practical examples from your chosen organisation.


(a) Define and evaluate the role of public relations within the travel and tourism sector in general as a promotional tool and also in relation to your chosen business.


(b) Select and analyse two categories of publics that you consider the most important for your chosen organisation. Justify your choices.


(c) Discuss the importance of setting public relations objectives in your organisation.


Section 2 of the Public Relations Plan (Suggested word count of 1,000 words):

Completing this section will enable you to show your understanding of the use of Media in Public Relations applied to Travel and Tourism to meet LO3


(a) Analyse two types of media that could be used by your organisation as part of their public relations and promotions strategy.


(b) Assess the use of editorial promotions by travel and tourism organisations and evaluate the appropriateness of this technique.

Section 3 of the Public Relations Plan (Suggested word count of 1,800 words):

Completing this final section will enable you to show your ability to create a public relations plan and be able to apply public relations skills within a Travel and Tourism context.


(a) Having outlined the need to use public relations and promotions techniques, you should now produce the detail of your Public Relations Plan for one particular event that needs to take place within the next year.


(b) Ensure that you apply a range of public relations skills when developing your plan.


(c) You should also ensure that you show how the effectiveness of your plan would be reviewed and what steps the owner of your chosen organisation would need to take to ensure that the plan succeeds.


When developing your plan, you could use existing information available on the destination where your organisation operates from a variety of industry sources including from the internet and publications. Other points you should bear in mind are noted below:


The plan should define and clarify objectives and key publics for the event.

It should also evaluate the appropriate media which could be used by the organisation to reach the intended audience for the event.

You should include information on how a budget could be estimated for the event.


The event plan should also:

  • Convey a general image or feeling, such as building an image as a customer focused business, or one that offers value for money, or diversity.
  • Develop off-peak business.
  • Target new markets who may have a low level of awareness of the organisation, and who may require more detailed information about the ‘experience’ that can be offered to them.


When considering the range of public relations skills to develop your plan, this could include providing the following as Appendices to your Plan:

  • A proposed Press Release about the event.
  • A proposed e-mail campaign or e-mail newsletter
  • A proposed communication by social media
  • An invitation to attend the event.


You should also consider how to implement emergency plans, contingency planning, crisis communication and conflict handling.


  1. You should write the Public Relations Plan for use by the owner of your chosen organisation, as described in the scenario above.


  1. You must ensure that the submitted assignment is all your own work and that all sources used are correctly attributed. Penalties apply to assignments which show evidence of academic unfair practice. (See the Student Handbook which is in the Induction Area). Please also refer to the ‘Guide to Unfair Practice in Assessment’ on the module page on ilearn.


  1. You MUST underpin your analysis and evaluation of the key issues with appropriate and wide ranging academic research and ensure this is referenced using the Bournemouth University (BU) Harvard system. The ‘My Study Skills’ area contains the following useful resources; Study Skills Guide (containing a BU Harvard Referencing section) and a BU Harvard Referencing Interactive Tutorial. You must use the BU Harvard Referencing method in your assignment.
  2. You should use diagrams and tables of figures where appropriate ensuring to reference their source using the BU Harvard Referencing method.


  1. You are required to write your assignment within 4,000 words in order for your research and summarising skills to be developed, and for effective time management. You are required to ensure that the assignment addresses all of the assessment tasks. In the interests of good academic practice, an assignment submitted with excessive word counts (i.e. more than 10% in excess of the limit) will be rejected.
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