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Psychology homework help

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Here are a few of those guidelines:

Anything “borrowed” from your textbook or other source must be paraphrased (in your own words) – direct quotes /verbatim information are never permitted from any source on any assessment in this course.

All borrowed material from all sources (including the textbook) must be properly cited and referenced {APA citation only). Don’t “stress” – APA is a lot like MLA. If you don’t know how to do it, do what I do when I have questions about APA: watch some videos on You Tube.

All outside sources must be college level (scholarly).

Topic #1 – Ch. 01

Complete both parts below.

Part 1: Define both experimental and correlational research designs. Explain the difference between experimental and correlational research designs and give an example of each. Be sure to use all/most chapter terms associated with each concept. Explain why you would use each type of study and what types of information you can gain from each type of research. What is the benefit of using one research design over another?

Part 2: For the following scenarios, identify which is an example of an experimental research design and which is an example of a correlational research design. For the study you designated as experimental, please identify the following: independent variable (IV), dependent variable (DV), experimental group, and control group. For the study that you designated as correlational, please identify the following: both variables being correlated and the direction (Positive or Negative) of the correlation.

Scenario 1: A fitness instructor wants to test the effectiveness of a performance-enhancing herbal supplement on students in his exercise class. The instructor gives Group A The herbal supplement and Group B receives the placebo. The students’ fitness level is compared before and after six weeks of consuming the supplement or the sugar pill. His data do not support his hypothesis that the herbal supplement had an effect on fitness levels.

Scenario 2: A social psychologist is interested discovering if whether women who are taller have a stronger career orientation. She measures height and gives a survey to women that measures many personality variables, including career orientation. Her data support her hypothesis that women who are taller had stronger career orientations.

Part 1 should be written as an essay. Part 2 does not have to be written as an essay.


Topic #2 – Ch. 02

Please read carefully and answer all questions below in one complete essay. Be sure to elaborate on your answers:

The brain sits in the cranium surrounded by cerebral fluid. When a severe blow to the head occurs, the brain may collide with the cranium, then “bounce back” and collide with the opposite side of the cranium. At the neuronal level, a concussive blow to the head results in a twisting or stretching of the axons, which in turn creates swelling. Eventually, the swelling may subside, and the neuron may return to its normal functioning. However, if the swelling of the axon is severe enough, the axon may disintegrate and may even cause permanent damaged. Many athletes will experience multiple concussions over the course of their career. Recently the NFL has stated it expects 1 in 3 former players will develop long-term cognitive issues.

Imagine a football player is tackled and hits the back of his head. As a result, his brain has hit the back of the cranium, then the front.

· What specific brain structures. You may not use a lobe/cortex or neurons, so name specific structures like the hippocampus (but don’t use hippocampus). How would they likely be affected (name at least two structures) and why? What are the functions of these structures?

What temporary symptoms would we expect to see as result from trauma to the brain areas you listed above and why? You may have to do some research on this topic.

Additionally, what type of long-term issues would you expect to see from more permanent damage to the brain areas you mentioned above and why? You may have to do some research on this topic.

Based on what you have written, do you think there should be stricter regulations for how soon a player (of any sport) can return after a concussion? Why or why not? This is not a mere opinion essay; provide academic support for your answer.

· Item

Topic #3 – Ch. 03

2. Summarize three theories on why we dream.There’s not much information there so you will probably have to do some research.

2. Then briefly describe a recent dream you have had (if you cannot recall any recent dreams of your own, ask a friend or family member or make one up).

2. Using two of the theories described above, explain / elaborate why you think you might have had this dream. 

1. Item

Topic #4 – Ch. 04

Be sure to address both parts of the assignment:

3. Discuss your parents parenting style as well as your attachment. {Each theory is discussed in the textbook}.

3. Apply Erikson’s theory to yourself (the stage you are in right now). Describe (in your own words) what Erikson proposed as the life crisis or developmental task of the stage.

3. Discuss how this stage is being experienced and indicate whether the crisis of the stage is being resolved positively or negatively; discuss behavior that led you to this conclusion.

If this assignment is too “personal” for you, then discuss someone else. You can even make up a person.

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