Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are required to reflect on the material presented in weeks 1-3, relating to sustainability.

Your task is to write about your ‘reflections’ on the concept of sustainability.

You may choose to reflect on one or more of the themes listed below that really made an impact on you, or with which you could identify:

  • Positive and negative effects of the process of Globalisation
  • Triple Bottom Line (TBL) business goals
  • Sustainable consumption (include your reactions to the Ecological Footprinting exercise

in Week 2)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Five Forms of Capital
  • Systems Thinking

In this assessment task, you must:

  • demonstrate your understanding of the chosen theme/s,
  • considered how the theme/s apply to you, as an individual and as a potential future


  • considered the implications of these at a personal level e.g. what may have changed

your thinking; what action may you take as a result of new thinking?

  • Critical thinking should also be demonstrated in these reflections.

The criteria used to grade this task is on page 13.

For information on the style of writing required, please refer to the reflective writing guide and samples provided on the course Moodle page in Assignment 1 Resources folder.

Word Limit

1,000 -1,200 words – (assignments exceeding the word limit may not be marked and may be returned to the student for re-writing; assignments less than the required length will risk not covering the topic adequately and may result in a fail). Do not include synopsis or references in the word count.

Principles of Responsible Business