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Personal Statement

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Order Description
This personal statement needs to portray several of these qualities: Maturity Compassion and empathy
Reflectiveness Genuineness and sincerity
Honesty and integrity Leadership
Clarity of thought Insight-fulness
Passion Humanity
Individuality A realistic perspective
Positivity Enthusiasm
Logic “Distance traveled”/lessons learned
Distinctiveness Industriousness and persistence
Commitment Self-awareness
Ability to relate to diverse people
Insight into the chosen health profession
while allowing me to stand out as a candidate. This statement needs to catch their attention starting from the first sentence. I want this statement to achieve some sort of humor whilst staying on topic. This is what i started with… "As a child, the questions pertaining to your career goals are usually stated as, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A life determining question to a kid who has yet to learn cursive and questions the expiration date on the food being served in the cafeteria before their actually career. But from my development ages of 3 to 18, never have a established a concise answer to that multi-million dollar question. "
In the statement, it needs to be as personal as possible. With as much detail as possible to help the clearly understand who I am and why being a surgeon is my destiny. I want them to understand that no matter what obstacles or adversities I face i will strive to accomplish this dream. Even if it takes me till I am 50 (although i really wish to get in the first try). I want to incorporate my childhood experiences that have led me to slowly discover my interests that then developed into passionate curiosity, to what it is today. I started just doing a little time line to help me organize the path the influenced me in one way or another.
a. Child (3-10)
i. Brasil
1. Toy Hospital Bag (4-6 years old)
– thought my grandpa had a tumor in his belly (hes diabetic) and used my plastic medical equipment to evaluate him. Also did my grandmas "plastic surgery". Did pretend knee surgery on my dad, his right leg, to do a severe soccer injury needed "transplant". Had many other pretend patients.
2. Dissecting kit with microscope
a. Played with dog teeth
b. Observing live or dead ticks
3. Farm experiences
a. Milking
b. Watching cows give birth
c. Hearing pig get killed
d. Wounds on cows & horses
e. Why mosquitoes would bite me but not anyone else
4. Traveling
a. Bus tipped over
b. Bus fell off cliff
– i could hear people moaning/screaming for help in the valley of a 100 meters or more cliff. I wanted to climb down there and save them. But what could a 8 year old do? How could I help them? I was taken away by my grandfather as he didnt want me to cause more of an incident.
5. Spot on lung
a. Discovered spot on lung, had no idea what it meant, why things were being made a big deal.
6. Fell of the monkey bars
a. Received 6 stitches to the lip
i. Never understood why I need to put salt on it; idea frustrated me
7. Learned about favela(GHETTO)
a. Scared the crap out of me
b. Couldn’t understand how and why people lived the way they did
ii. USA
1. Tae kwon do
a. Accidently kicked a kid in the nose
b. Sensei spoke about the remedies of aloe
i. Discipline
2. 1st grade
a. dared a kid to stick a pencil up his nose; started bleeding. First instinct was to help him. Grabbed his head pulled him to the sink and pinched the bridge of his nose. (pulling head back only causes the blood to go down your throat). Teacher yelled at me for helping due to possibly blood pathogens. This left me confused and useless to help.
3. 3rd grade
a. frustrated with a kid bulling my cousin; bit him
i. he bled, I felt bad and tried helping him
b. teens
i. brasil
1. fel off the horse
a. 3rd degree burn to the leg
i. due to nurses negligence, she placed cotton on the open wound. Cause further damage and permanent scarring. Left me feeling hopeless and frustrated.
2. moved there
a. learned more Portuguese
i. hated it; school was too different, kids weren’t my age, more school after school sucked. No martial arts or sports for me to play.
3. Wanted to save all puppies of the world
a. No one was having it; couldn’t understand why if we could
ii. USA
1. Obsessed with sports (soccer, swimming, volleyball, waterpolo, wakeboarding, archery, longboarding, surfing, tennis, golf
a. Broke my nose/split my head through soccer
b. Stalked coach joe, made any excuse to get bandaged or just be in his office – i would say my ankle was sprained and just become mesmerized but the agility, not the artistic ability to wrap my ankle with such precision and quality.
c. Adult
i. Motorcycle accident
1. Develop a bad impression hospital
ii. Volunteer/internship/shadowing
1. Cardiologist, EM, general physician, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, lawyers, orthodontic
a. Most defining moment in shadowing was after the a thyroid surgery; patients are objects, what you do impacts not only them but a chain of people in one way or another
– the patients husband was right outside the surgery room. I had no idea and i was describing the several hours of surgery to my grandma. The man asked me with such despair and concern, if his wife was okay. And right then in there it hit me that the patient is a patient to us. But much more to those around them. How influential a doctor is and how simple a surgery is, the impact is immeasurable.
2. Special needs kids for Olympics
a. Hesitant, wasn’t sure how helpful I could be
i. Developed a sense of accepts and opportunity from them. Made best friends; several made it to state finals
3. there was a mudslide in brasil, my hometown NOVA FRIBURGO,
– it buried thousands, several hundreds were missing, people were homeless. It was a devastating blow to a country not accustomed to natural disasters. The mudslide combined with the river which contained sewage and waste flooded the city streets and homes of many. Leaving nothing but waste a disaster. But through the volunteers i assisted we brought some hope even if it was clean water, a shower, warm food.
How would i feel if didnt pursue a medical career **the helpless feeling of being ignorant useless in situations that deem more then rubber necking**
a sense of impersonality, just a number and an age”
I understand this is messy and kind of unorthodox way of describing my order but a lot rides on this personal statement. So please help me achieve this dream. Any thing else i can provide please let me know. Thank you so very much.

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