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Norman "salior Jeryy" Collins

April 21, 2014 0 Comment

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Instructions for Humanities Presentation
Teach your classmates something new about a topic in the Humanities!
If you are using a Power Point, you will present your topic in 10 to 12 slides. You will be narrating your presentation, so prepare a script and practice before you start recording. Instructions for timing slides and adding voice-over are in the Semester Project Presentation Tutorials document in the Semester Project Overview or Presentation folder.
If you plan to create an original video of a performance art, you will need to include narrated explanation along with the performance.
Your spoken narration of the presentation must be at least 5 minutes long, and there should be no long silences. Video clips do not count as part of these five minutes. Your presentation, including any video clips, must not be longer than 10 minutes or shorter than five.
This is a RESEARCH project, so you must have factual information from at least three reliable/authoritative sources. Wikipedia is NEVER an acceptable source. If you cannot verify the authority of your source – what makes that source reliable for factual information – then you must not use that source. For example, if you find interesting information on ancient Greece on a web site, but you cannot tell whether the author is an expert on Ancient Greece, then you cannot use the information. For example, travel sites often post famous works of art, but travel agents are not authorities on art. Books from a good public library, as well as web sites from accredited museums, national theater or dance companies, or university research documents are probably your best choices. Please let me know if you need help identifying reliable sources.
1. The first slide or start of video must have the presenter’s name, title of the presentation, and thesis statement. The thesis is a one-sentence comprehensive statement about the significance of your topic. (This is the one point you really want your audience to remember about your presentation.)
2. The next slide or two should cover background information on the history and cultural influences that created your topic.
3. Subsequent slides will explain and illustrate your topic
4. Photos and illustrations must be identified by source on the same slide as the illustration or, the case of large images, on the preceding slide.
5. Video clips inserted in your slides are limited to 3 (exceptions may be made with instructor’s prior approval) and should be no more than 30 seconds each. You may choose a longer video, but you will need to start and stop it to fit the time limits. (Online students should note next to the video link the time signature for start and end of the portion of each clip you want to use.)
6. Words on screen: use only brief wording to emphasize points you are making in your oral lecture. Everything you say should NOT appear on the slide. (Face-2-face students: DO NOT read your slides! Speak to your audience!)
7. No more than 4 bullet points per slide. Be sure that all wording is easy to read and is not on top of illustrations or running into decorative borders.
8. No more than 10 words per bullet point per slide; fewer is better. Wordy slides are boring, and this is an oral presentation.
9. Factual content and videos must be cited on the last slide under Works Cited. Refer to the Bedford Handbook or the Long Island University MLA documentation site for correct format.
My project is over Norman “sailor Jerry” Collins.
1. his early life
2. what inspired him to do tattoos
3. the culture he inspired
4. how his work is used today
5. any other important facts about norman collins
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