Our Money Back Guarantee gives you the right to apply and get a refund at any stage of your order if anything is amiss, and you are unsatisfied with our service. Most online writing company services do not provide a clear and specific Money Back Guarantee. We aim to offer transparency to our services and have developed a concise guarantee to cater to our clients’ needs. We aim to make you feel safe when ordering from myonlinehomeworkhelper.com!
Refund cases are rare; this is due to the clarity on our Money Back Guarantee. All refunds are administered within 8-10 working days.

I want to terminate my order
When you cancel your order before a writer is assigned the job, you will receive a 100% refund. Once your order has been allocated to a writer and says the order is in progress on your order page, the reimbursement amount will be pegged to you order deadline. You can request a 70% refund if half the time has already elapsed and up to 50% after that. Reason to this, the writer will have started working on the order and will deserve compensation.
Note that you cannot claim a refund once the order has been completed and sent to your order page on time. You can only ask for money back due to the quality of the work through the ‘refund button’ on you page.
As long as you have not downloaded the paper, and the reasons for the cancellation of the paper are beyond you, and then a 30% refund may be considered.

I was charged for one order twice
In case, you notice that your payment had been debited twice on the same order, and you receive two payment receipts from Pay Pal, contact us immediately. Forward us the receipts to our email account at support@myonlinehomeworkhelper.com or send us a message with your personal order page and attach the receipts. The extra payment will be credited back to your account within the shortest time possible.

I accidentally placed and paid for two identical orders
Do not hesitate to contact us if you accidentally place two identical orders by mistake and get charged for both. Please contact us with immediate effect before we act on both orders and assign our writers. Please note it is your responsibility to cancel an order you do not need. We treat these orders as regular orders, and if already assigned to a writer, please see “I want to terminate my order” section above.

No writer was found to act on my order
We always aim to offer high-quality services, and this means assigning your work to the most appropriate writer. In some rare cases where we are unable to match your order to a writer, we will give you a full refund.
If your request for revision had stated you want it done by a different writer and it happens that a different one could not be found, then our dispute resolution department will review your request and make an appropriate refund after your request.

I did not get my paper on time
If lateness occurs as a result of delayed upload of files and materials on your part, you cannot make a lateness request refund. Ensure all paper details are attached when placing the order to avoid inconveniences.
If lateness occurs due to other reasons, and the original paper is not delivered on time, you can request for a recalculation of the order price to suit the new delivery time. For instance, an 8hr paper delivered after an hour automatically falls in the 24hr delivery time and should cost less. The difference in the price is what is refunded to the client. When lateness of an order occurs with a long term paper, (14 days or longer), we refund 7% on your request.
If the first version of the order is late and not approved, you are eligible for a full refund since the paper may not be of use anymore.
All requests for refund concerning lateness of a paper should be done from your personal page within 14 days from when the paper was delivered.

Revision late
Lateness reimbursements and price re-computation are not relevant to revisions, since revision time limits are set separately.
Make sure you choose the correct deadline so as to avoid confusion. You final submission deadline should match the date your paper is due, and should surpass your first version deadline by at least 30%, so that we are given a flexibility for any likely corrections to your order.
When you select a deadline on our system, it automatically calculates the time frame was given and an estimate of your final submission deadline. You should choose another alternative from the time frames we offer if your final submission time limit does not exceed your first draft deadline by at least 30%.

I am not satisfied with the paper. However, I will accept it and make the revision myself.
When your paper is not satisfactory to you, we have options to assist you. On request you can be offered a free revision, you can request for a different writer to revise your work, or you can request a partial refund. If you choose the latter option, you are automatically provided with an MS Word version of the document. You will now have 14 days to make a claim and show cause that the paper was substandard. This can be done by giving us with your revised version of the paper, or with strong examples to back your assertion.
The dispute resolution department will then take up the matter and up to 40% can be refunded at their discretion. Failure to provide details and proof required for dispute resolution within 14 days results in the cancellation of the dispute after which no refund is workable.
Completely dissatisfied with the quality of the work done, so, I request a full refund.
If you are utterly dissatisfied with the quality of the paper delivered to you, you have an option of requesting for a free revision or ask for a reassignment of the order to a different writer. Alternatively, if you have not approved the order on your order page, you can ask for a complete reimbursement.
Please note that if you select this alternative the paper that was created is immediately posted online for commercial purposes. You will then have 14 days to make a claim and show cause that the paper was substandard. You could also upload a copy of your completed copy as supporting evidence that the writer did not meet the expectations of your paper. The paper you give as proof is then discarded immediately after review and is not stored in any of our databases or shared with the third party. Up to 100% will be refunded by the dispute resolution team at their discretion.
Failure to provide details and proof needed for dispute resolution within 14 days results in the cancellation of the dispute after which no refund is workable.
In case of a complete reimbursement request, myonlinehomeworkhelper.com reserves the right to circulate the paper online for commercial reasons. We do not keep any article databases, and “circulate online” means that if the paper is searched for in a search engine, or checked by any anti-plagiarism software, it links back to our site. It may also be circulated as subject or as a sample essay. We take these steps to safeguard our writer’s efforts in cases when a client demands a refund after the work has been completed and used.
Our clients have the chance to evaluate their order and request any additional revisions if necessary. However, once you click the “Approve order” button, which gives access to an editable and printable form of the paper, you cannot apply for a full refund. If you have at least once approved either the initial, or the revised version of your order using the “Approve Order” button, you are only entitled to a partial reimbursement.
All full refund applications should be submitted through the “Refund” button on your personal order page within 14 days from the time the paper is presented to you.

Refund for additional services
Progressive Delivery order
The time limit for a correction request is limited to 21 days after initial approval for orders on progressive delivery. Immediately you press the “Approve part” button in your Progressive Delivery and proceed to the next section of your order, you cannot ask for a refund for the earlier accepted section.
You can receive a reimbursement for only the last section of the order completed and given to you. Each of the order approved using “Approve part” button become non-refundable immediately we start working on the next part. Please note that the 10% Progressive Delivery fee charged is non-refundable.

Writer’s category
If you pay the extra fee for an Advanced or ENL (English as a Native Language) writer, and in the unfortunate event we are not able to allocate one to work on your order at the time; and we instead assign a writer in a lower category (such as Best Available) instead, you are refunded the extra you had paid.

A copy of the sources used
There is an additional fee you pay for this service and becomes non-refundable once the copies of the sources are delivered with your order. In cases where they are not given with your paper, then, the difference is refunded.

Forgot to approve my completed paper
Please beware that you only have 14 days to approve your paper once it has been provided to your personal page and the time for approval is calculated automatically. If you fail to request for revision within 14 days, the order is approved automatically by the system once the14 days elapse. From the time the order is approved by either you or automatically by the system, you will have 14 days to lodge a refund request. Once this time passes no refund can be given

Money Back Guarantee