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Assignment Requirements

The Memento movie:

Answer in approximately 550 words (2 typed pages double spaced with 12 point font) the following two questions:


Topic of the assignment:

  1. According to Locke, is Leonard (the protagonist of the film) the same person throughout the story? Why/why not? And is Leonard, at the end of the story, responsible for ‘his’ earlier actions? Why/why not?


Assign reading:

1) Locke Essay concerning human understanding; book I chapters I and II, book II chapter I, II and X

2) Locke Essay continued; book II chapter XXVII

Issue of personal identity:

1) What is the metaphysical condition that underpins the persistence of an individual person over time?

2) What features of you make you the same person today yesterday?

3) What is it that allows me or justifies me to be the same individual over time?


Locke concerns with these questions. His answer of regarding of what metaphysically underpins the persistence of the person and when we are morally suppose to hold our countable as the same person do come apart.


As long as the basic object retains all of the same basic physical parts then it remains the same object. As soon as you removed one of those physical parts it is no longer the same object.


What underpins a plant physical integrity (what keeps it all together), while it is exchanging matter with environment? It’s structure. The specific functional organization underpins its persistence as the same individual throughout its existence. Therefore Locke is explaining that you identify the organisms as the same individual by identifying the life of its organisms.


The fact that you may have the same life you did 10 years ago doesn’t make you the same person. The fact that you are the same organism doesn’t make you the same person. There might be continuity between the past versions of you and the current self but that doesn’t necessary means you are the same person.


So what makes you the same person as before? Seems like it’s memory but it is not memory. You might think that you are the same person as long as you can remember what happened in your life in the certain point in the past but Locke denies that. Could you remember the things that happened to someone else? Yes


When you are toxicated you are not the same person, which Locke agrees with this. However you might remember what you did when you were drunk so you can remember what someone else did. Therefore the answer for Locke can’t be memory. You have actions that you remember which it seems like memory but it is not.

What I identify as me right now my own consciousness and as far as this consciousness can be extended backwards to any past action or thought so far reaches the identity of that person is the same self now as it was then. This is why you could be different person now that you were before because you look at the current consciousness that you have now and you recognize the way it is and then you thought about the experiences you did before and you think I would not do this. Therefore you don’t need your memory to identify your pas thought and action.

So what makes you the same person you were yesterday?

1) You remember the self consciousness that you have right now

2) You think about or remember some thoughts or actions you did yesterday and you can be able to recognize the individual you capable to identify now. That’s self-consciousness in those thoughts and actions yesterday.

You are the only person who can actually tell if you are the same person or not. Different people cannot judge if you are the same person or not. They can only tell that you are the same organism or human.



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