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Mat-Forming Quillwort in Georgia – Outline

July 21, 2016 0 Comment

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is an Outline.

Please follow instructions as stated I will attach an example of the outline to assist you in preparing.


Outline must be formatted as described and exemplified in the example attached. Please note that this format will be assessed in your grade:

Use an alphanumeric sequence

Sections should be indented and aligned.

Follow the suggested order of the required elements.

Use brief but detailed and descriptive phrases. This will allow you to more easily flush these points out into complete sentences when it comes time to write the paper.


The required elements: Your outline should contain the following elements in this order:

  1. The Introduction: this section must contain
  2. The scientific name of your organism. Please see this link to help if needed: How to Write Latin Names of Species
  3. The common name of your organism. What do most people know it as? Are there other names?
  4. The area of residence in which you and your organism are (country/state/city).
  5. The specific biome of where your organism lives. Please see here for more details on biomes.
  6. The Body: this section should contain
  7. Background: include a general physical description of your organism.
  8. Life Cycle: describe the life cycle of your organism. The life cycle refers to the series of changes that happens from the beginning of life as your organism develops and grows into a mature organism. Please see here for some hints on the Life Cycle. Note that some organisms (like plants) have a more complex life cycle than an animal does. If you have any questions on this please ask!
  9. Structure and Function: please select one organ system of your organism that you find to be particularly interesting and describe both the anatomy and physiology of that system.
  10. If your organism is an animal, here are a list of the general animal organ systems
  11. If your organism is a plant, here are a list of the general plant organ systems
  12. If you have selected a bacteria or a fungus the concept can be more complex. Please contact me directly for more help if needed.
  13. Evolution: Evolution is best understood as heritable change over time, or descent with modification. Please be sure to discuss the evolution of your organism using the following guidance:
  14. Conduct a review of scientific literature to understand what is known about the evolution of your chosen organism. Search key words like evolution, fossil, ancestor. Also, refer back to your results from Assignment 1.
  15. Conduct a review of scientific literature to understand the family tree or phylogeny of your organism. Phylogeny is defined as the history of organismal lineage as they change through time. Search key words like phylogeny, phylogenetic and genetic analysis.
  16. Use the Tree of Life Project, which can be found here, to help you identify the lineage and related species. In addition, here is a list of other useful websites that focus on evolution:

Evolution: What is life’s History on Earth?

Biointeractive: Evolution

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