Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You will be writing a Masterwork paper on the work and style of a composer or songwriter of your choice that is discussed in our textbook. The paper is worth 150 points total. What follows is a list of requirements for your paper.


  1. Examine the Table of Contents (Chapter 16 – 39) from your textbook and choose a chapter that interests you.


  1. Read the entire chapter. Make note of any new terms or concepts that you should include in your paper.


  1. Listen to the pieces/songs related to that chapter from the accompanying textbook CD.


  1. Choose a composer or songwriter from the chapter of interest.
  2. Find 3 more references for your paper that relate to your chosen topic (ex. Oxford or Grove’s Music on line, articles, journals on line, books, etc.).


  1. The paper should be 2-3 type written pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12.


  1. The body of your paper should include the following:


-Name of your chosen composer, songwriter and work

-A brief biography of the composer

-Societal events that affected his/her music

-His or her musical style

-Affect of his/her music on society

-Cite your sources within the body of your text

-Provide a brief analysis of the composer’s piece (terminology mentioned in both earlier chapters, and the chapter that related to your composer)

-Summary (synthesis of your ideas)

Masterwork paper on the work and style of a composer/songwriter (in details)