Music is therapeutic and presents what happens in life. All artists who write music can attest to the fact that talent and skill have to be incorporated with life happenings to bring out a masterpiece to reach people’s hearts and minds. The group Camila is a band that has shown excellence and consistency over years in their music. The group’s music compositions reach to the hearts of many both in Mexico and around the world. The album Dejarte De Amar (Stop Loving You) released in the year 2010 presents this paper with the song De Que Me Sirve La Vida? The song in its English meaning poses a question asking what life is. As such, this paper analyses the theme of love as pertains to how words have been used in the song to manifest its meaning to human life.

The speaker who is the group Camila herein is seen to be in distress as the love of his life is no more. The speaker is herein considered to be one man because the whole group is made up three men an all could not be in love with one lady. The feeling of people in love is exemplified where one party has been left by the other. The speaker uses a hopeless tone by asserting he does not know which direction to take after the lover is gone. That can be seen in the lines “I’m about to embark on a journey, with unknown as direction” (Cruz). It is evident that the loss of the lover has caused the speaker a huge puzzle leaving confusion on which path to take in life making the speaker not to see the essence of life. The loss of love is clearly seen to have a toll on the speaker.

A tone of remorse is evident in the song. The speaker is sorry as he is seen trying to beg the lover not to leave “even though I beg you, don’t abandon me.” It is not clear why the speaker is sorry. Did the lover just get bored and decided to leave. This leaves the listener with questions of what caused the lover to have the motive to leave in the first place. The answer to the lover leaving is fate, “you said it’s not me, it’s fate.” The lover is exemplified as an insensitive person who is selfish and mindful of her feelings alone. She chose to leave on grounds of fate showing it determine the longevity or termination of a relationship. To her, loving the speaker did not mean life. If a person is in deep love as the speaker showcases, then they cannot leave on such lame reasons. Evidently though, the speaker is in a humble position trying to beg the lover to come back. This gives the assertion that there is too much power in love that one can become sorry for wrongs they never did or do not know in a bid to just to get their lover back. As such, love denied deprives life its meaning.

Love builds hope and purpose for life. The speaker admits to the fact that he submitted to loving his partner beyond his control. The love connoted hope in life such that without the partner’ love the speaker does not see any hope in life, “if I don’t live with you, what use is hope to me.” The speaker uses the aspect of pathos as if he was giving a speech. That is achieved through a deep emotional tone which is meant to engage the listener emotionally. If the story is true, the lover being addressed is able to have feelings of pity evoked in her. Although it is important to emotionally engage the audience, this song has used too much of it. Almost every line evokes a feeling of pity and sadness that the speaker has been blatantly left alone. A deep look into the lyrics shows that the speaker was left in misery. Moderation is needed in the emotional tone used in the song. Cognitively, love has the power to create hope and purpose in one’s life and without it life truly has no meaning.

The speaker tries to gather up strength to move on and seek meaning to life but in the end still sees life not worthy its meaning without the partner. Society requires a man to quickly recover from a break up or heart break. That makes the speaker feel that he has the will and might to move on with life “even though I loved you, I had to choose another way.” That shows how her lover led him into some meaning of life that without her he has to look for another path that will give him a new meaning to life. It is not easy though as the speaker falls back and starts begging the lover to come back. Truly the featured lover of the song means life to the speaker.

The speaker hopes to see the lover again which he is not sure of “I don’t know whether I’ll ever see you again.” In life there are things that give people meaning to life, happiness is created and a purpose to even make a living is created. Take for example a mother who has lost an only son at the age of sixteen. The bond of the mother to the son is unimaginable and gives her reason to push on. Many hopes of the future are laid on the son by the mother which are cut down by death. If there was a chance for the son to reappear the mother would be more than happy but it not a sure thing. Such is a similar case to the speaker here, having lost the love of his life is like death to his much coveted love which he had at his disposal and is no more. “It is not easy to accept losing,” is a statement that expresses disbelief in the event that the lover had to leave. It shows the much probability that the speaker is willing to have the lover any time back.

            Conclusively, this song wholly denotes that there is no meaning to life especially when one loses the person they truly love. The speaker expresses himself emotionally to establish a connection with the listener. Listeners to such a song are able to put themselves in the shoes of the speaker and clearly feel what to lose a loved one is like. The sad part is that the lady who is loved attributes her loving to fate. It is unfair for one party to be much committed in love while the other partner seems to joke about. It is dangerous, it can cause suicidal thoughts. Any listener would like to know what the speaker did next after the lady refused to restore the relationship back to normal. The speaker in the midst of all that and the lover’s attitude, still holds on that he still loves her. As such, the lyrics of the song excellently reflect the title and show that without the strong love one experienced, life can truly have no meaning.


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Love Brings Meaning to Life