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Logistics Monitoring Support at Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq – Technical Proposal

December 17, 2015 0 Comment

Order Instructions/Description

we are a logistics provider (see PDF document on a KGL proposal submitted historically providing company information about our capability), the opportunity is in Iraq, and as such we will be partnering with an Iraqi company, Al-Badia Union Group (no website) (see MS PowerPoint document on an overview of Al-Badia Union Group) on this opportunity. Consider that jointly as partners we have the financial resources, the human resources and all necessary equipment, certifications and licenses to operate the contract and perform the services as required – embellish as need be, when I use the document I will see where we fall short and ensure we obtain necessary resources to ensure the writing matches the actual or I will omit when we will not be able to make the needed adjustments.

I require 5 technically competent pages written, on the following:

Clearly describing how KGL (and our partner Al-Badia Union Group) will achieve the Performance Work Statement (PWS) objectives, in respect of –

1.    KGL’s capability to competently administer the contract, 4. Contract Administration, as described on page 14 and 15 of the PWS document (included). [minimum 1 page]

2.    KGL’s capability to competently administer the contract, 2. Security, as described on page 3 to 11 of the PWS document (included). Very high level, not too detailed. Only touch on main areas in this section and put main focus (in more detail) on 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.10, and 2.11. [2-3 paragraph only]

3.    KGL’s capability to successfully conduct services in a timely manner in accordance with 6. Port/Terminal Specific Requirements as described on page 16 to 25 of the PWS document (included). This section to be main focus of the document to be written. [minimum 2 pages], i.e. –
i.    Port Cargo Management
ii.    Tracing, Tracking & In-Transit Visibility
iii.    Cargo Handling
iv.    Transfer & Trans load
v.    Port Storage & Tariff Charges
vi.    Discharge Notification
vii.    Cargo Inventory
viii.    Import cargo and RDD report
ix.    Secure/Storage Space
x.    Procedures for processing and initial transportation discrepancy report
xi.    Bolt Seals
xii.    Customs Letter Requirement
xiii.    Stuffing/Un-stuffing
xiv.    Special Handling Service
xv.    Custom Clearance for DoD Cargo

4.    KGL’s ability to access all equipment (within 72hrs notice) necessary to conduct operations & ability to handle multiple classes of supply. Here focus on the assets, financial strength, and human resources KGL and our partner has – embellish as needed. [1 paragraph only]

5.    KGL’s ability to conduct operation in accordance with the applicable safety standards and regulations, 3. Safety, on page 11 to 14 of the PWS document (included). [minimum 1 page]

6.    KGL’s capability to successfully conduct services in a timely manner in accordance with the 5. Contractor General Requirements as described in the Performance Work Statement on page 15 to 16 of the PWS document (included). [minimum 1 page]

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