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Life Sciences Admission Essay

June 19, 2015 0 Comment

Life Sciences Admission Essay ,  Life Sciences Admission Essay

Since early childhood I had always been fascinated and amazed by the way life sciences contribute to the advancements in biological sciences. As a result I have always had great interest in the life sciences since when I was barely five years when I was not able to comprehend most of the complex concepts in life sciences. My passion for medicine and health organizations heightened since I was young because I was raised in a medical environment whereby my father is a doctor, my mom a dentist, while my three older brothers are all doctors. This has made me to always excel in life sciences and more preferably the biological sciences. Extensive study in life sciences during my undergraduate course has greatly inspired me to undertake a greater challenge in pursuing this Master’s program. Therefore, my aspiration to be a renowned research scientist in the field of life sciences has also made this Master’s program an absolute necessity for me.

As a potential student in the life science (AIV) Master program, I will always strive to ensure that I am a tremendous asset by devoting the entire of my time and life towards ensuring that I become an exceptional scientist. I also strongly believe that it is my obligation to always ensure that I utilize my talents in a manner that is constructive and beneficial to the society. Hence I am convinced beyond any doubt that a research career in life sciences is the only profession which can give me that unique opportunity of expressing my talents while at the same time serving the humanity through immensely contributing to advancements in life sciences.

Having read the graduate studies content carefully as well as on-going research programs at the AIV Program, I believe this program is the best opportunity to help me actualize my career and scientific aspirations. Moreover, I was born in France and did my French baccalaureate in 2007 followed by obtaining a Biology Bachelor’s degree at Northeastern University in 2012. These factors have intensified my interest to apply for this Master’s program in France. I am confident that my firm commitment to life sciences has merited me to be qualified to be part of this reputable and prestigious program.

However, I believe that effective communication is very essential for a successful career in the life sciences and I believe that my exceptional communication skills suit me better to pursue this rewarding career. During my undergraduate course, I tremendously improved my communication skills since this position involved constantly meeting people who were new to me and discussing varied topics. However my involvement in various clubs and discussion groups involved discussing various relevant topics with different people, I also learned not only to be an excellent conversationalist, but also an exceptional listener. While I possess strong background in biological sciences necessary for a successful career in field of life sciences, I also consider myself selfless and devoted to serving others a character which is essential to succeed in the life sciences career.

I have cherished a long and deep yearning for a chance to be part of this prestigious Master’s program since when I was undertaking an undergraduate course in biological sciences. The comprehensive practice and research that I have performed in the life sciences field further reinforces my determination towards seeking advanced studies through the AIV Master’s program. This is mainly because this esteemed program funded by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation enjoys a very high academic reputation for the life sciences research work and more particularly biological sciences. Thus I am highly interested in getting admission into your reputable program where I will be able to undertake in-depth research essential in developing a close understanding of life sciences theories and the up to date technical advancements in this field. I am also convinced that by being part of this program I will be engaged in working together as well as exchanging experiences with some of the world’s leading experts in the life sciences field. This will expose me wholly to novel ideas of scientific research as well as significantly broadening my academic vision.

In this Master’s program, I am also planning to pursue my quench to multitask by doing side work of providing education to other students as well as serving as a public resource. All through my experiences I have always strived towards managing to develop a good rapport with co-workers and other students. This makes me believe that I possess a talent for effectively teaching others in a manner that is conducive and friendly, crucial in helping them in easily grasping difficult concepts. As part of my career in life sciences research, I am aiming to continue pursuing teaching as well as providing essential information to the public on how to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases. This is in addition to developing new and novel treatment strategies through advancements in life sciences through research.

My interests in sciences led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in biology and my curiosity to discover new things and find out how things work at cellular level has led to apply for this Master’s program in life sciences. Striving to be at the top in my field has also been my aspiration and driving force, thus I have dedicated all my energy and enthusiasm towards my academic endeavors both research and studies over the recent past years. Consequently, I believe given an opportunity to purse life sciences in biology in your reputable institution will go a long way in refining my scientific skills vital in successful career in the life sciences field.

I have also gained extensive experiences in the field of research during my undergraduate degree program in biological sciences and I am undoubtedly convinced that research is very important for the progression of the life sciences research as well as advancing medical treatments for patients. I am highly convinced that my research capacity, experimental skills and creative thinking will tremendously improve through my Master’s research project. Therefore, the AIV Master’s program will be essential in helping students who are creative and talented by developing their research training in an effective environment which is undoubtedly one of the world’s best graduate programs. I also understand that this program is critical in offering an environment for open-mindedness, emergence of new ideas, in addition to allowing me to better understand the meaning of living via interaction with other people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

For me, success in life sciences is only achievable through unraveling the mysteries of the diseases that continue to pester human beings while at the same time contributing to the well-being of human beings. Hence I have maintained my diligence in the pursuit of a career in life sciences since I am convinced that this will offer me an opportunity to live a rewarding and fulfilling life dedicated towards helping other people through my research contributions in life sciences. Therefore, I will be entering life sciences eager to learn knowledge crucial for helping others. I promise to be upholding and exceeding all the expectations of a future life scientist while at the same time promoting the progress of the life sciences field as a whole and humanity.

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