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Using the attached course text and words of expression in your own words without plagiarism, answer the following questions in detail and use appropriate citation and course text references:


Question 1


Analyze what theorists mean when they say that long-term memory is associationistic. Examine two different theoretical models regarding how long-term memory might be organized.


Question 4


Assume it is 10 years from now. Someone asks you what the process of elaboration is. You think about this for a minute and then realize that you cannot remember the information. Give four possible explanations, each based on a different theory of forgetting, as to why you are unable to remember this concept from your learning theory course.


Question 5


As a teacher, you want your classroom assessments to help students learn class subject matter more effectively. With the textbook’s discussion of classroom assessment practices in mind, examine three strategies you can use to help your assessments become valuable learning tools for your students.


Question 6


Examine Piaget’s concepts of assimilation and accommodation, showing how they are different processes but also how they are related to each other. Give an example that illustrates each of the two processes.

Learning Theory U3 Q1, Q4 & Q6
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