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Type a 1,3000 word answer to the topic question that appears below. This answer needs to contain

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Topic Question:


Consulting and recruitment firms have long espoused the existence of a so-called ‘war for talent’.

Whilst many firms and governments affirm the concept, some others posit that the concept exists only

to help build the client lists and revenues of the consulting and recruitment firms who service this ‘war

on talent’.


What are your own individual views, does a ‘war for talent’ really exist in Australia?



These assessment specifically seeks to assess your ability to be able to:


* identify contemporary issues in the field of human resource management (HRM) and

determine the implications for organisations


*compare best-practice approaches to contemporary HRM issues within the Australian and

international organisational context


*justify the responses of Australian organisations to contemporary HRM issues in their search

for continued competitive advantage


*critically analyse how the effects of contemporary human resource issues influence HRM

academic theory.

Issues in Human resource management