Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Brad needs a Situation Analysis according to his details below:


Brad has 10 years working experience in pizza restaurants in Melbourne. He would like to return to Canberra to open his own gourmet pizza restaurant with takeaway option. His new business will provide high quality Italian-style pizzas with healthy ingredients. He inherited some money and approached a marketing consultant to prepare a marketing plan.


He would like to have a solid assessment of the uncontrollable environment, an analysis of competition including competition type and major competitors, and an understanding of consumer behaviour trends in pizza restaurant industry in Canberra. He also needs solid geo-demographic data about Canberra to decide a location for his business.


Your situation analysis needs to cover the following areas.


  1. Industry overview
  2. Factors of uncontrollable environment that impact on the industry
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Target market
  5. SWOT analysis
Introduction to Marketing