Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1              Quality control is an essential part of projects. Explain five essential tools and techniques available to monitory quality aspects of a project. How will these be applied in a practical construction project? Explain. 2         Explain five communications principles that are essential for a successful project. Show how you would use these five principles effectively in a manufacturing project. 3               Explain the purpose of using a Gantt Chart in Project Management. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Gantt Chart? For a banking project you are developing a web component whereby customers could see their account balances (checking, savings and loan) online. Develop a Gantt Chart for this IT project that is expected to last 6 months. Security and testing should be part of this project. For writing this report you should check both print and online resources. You may use any information from newspapers, only to the extent that you can corroborate them from other reliable sources. Include 2 to 4 references and list the reference details such as author(s), volume, page numbers, year of publication or web link, as the case may be.

Information Technology