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Hanyaoma soc114 interview family

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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You will submit a paper of 4-5 pages in length describing and analyzing the functioning of a family. You will study marital/family interaction by personally interviewing and observing the members of a specific family of your own choosing. This will not include your immediate family, however.

You can interview any type of family, including a nuclear family, single parent family, child-free couple, foster family, cohabitating couple, etc. You can interview anyone except your family of orientation, meaning the family into which you were born, or your family of procreation, meaning the family a person forms by marrying or having or adopting children. In other words, you cannot interview your parents or your own spouse/partner. You can interview anyone else you know, including your grandparents (unless they have raised you), brother or sister’s family, or other family member’s family or friend’s family. Please see me if you need clarification about this.

Interview Questions – worth 10 points


You will develop a set of interview questions prior to the interview (minimum of 15 questions). Your interview questions will be worth 10 of the 60 points. Include open and close ended questions. Respondents’ answers to open ended questions may raise additional questions for you.

Sample interview questions:

Would you say you both hold traditional roles within the marriage?

Who is in charge of the indoor/outdoor responsibilities? Who holds the instrumental/expressive role? Are the roles equally shared?

Who is primarily in charge of disciplining the child(ren)?/How do you discipline?

Do you both work outside the home?

Who cooks?/Who cleans?

Who manages the money?

Who does the grocery shopping?

How involved is the extended family?

Do you have individual activities?

Are you actively involved in a religious organization?

When it comes to big decisions, who has the final word?

Do you make decisions jointly?

What are your main priorities/goals in life?

Analysis of the Family – worth 50 points


You will analyze the data that you collect using concepts covered in this course, including class discussion and text material. For each description of an event, offer an interpretation of the meaning of the event using various sociological ideas. At least fifteen applications of course concepts from diverse sections of class discussion and/or text are expected.

Assure your respondents they are not required to provide their names in order for you to complete this project. In your paper, use fictional names for each family member. Additionally, assure them that you will not discuss their responses outside of your research paper, which will solely be used to fulfill a course requirement. The Instructor is also bound by the same ethical obligation to maintain confidentiality of the identities of the respondents and the issues raised by your interviews.


  • How and why you located the couple that you selected.
  • Description and interpretation of setting and interactions. Observe while interviewing.
  • Factors such as age, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status (includes income, occupation, and education to determine class location), spousal roles, parental roles, communication patterns, decision-making practices, power structure, and family philosophy/main priorities.
  • This project is considered an academic paper, therefore the explanations must be written in formal language (no slang, and limit contractions, such as can’t, don’t, won’t).
  • Do not write this paper in first person; in other words, do not refer to yourself in the context of the paper. This paper should be completely objective. You are welcome to discuss your work in progress anytime prior to submission.
  • The following is the format in which the project will be organized:
  1. Create a cover page for your project: Your name Marriage, Family and Relationships (SOC 114) Title Due date
  2. Pages MUST be numbered.
  3. Introduce your paper with a sociological issue that is evident in this family. In other words, open with a central theme about this family (for example, a traditional family, autonomous couple, immigrant family, single parent family, stepfamily, foster family…)
  4. Conclude your paper with an overall explanation of the family’s functioning.
  5. Include (at the end of your paper) your interview questions.
  6. Remember, the body of your paper should include at least 15 sociological concepts.
  7. Attach your set of interview questions at the end of your paper.
  8. Completed papers must be typed and double-spaced, using 12-point, Times New Roman font, black ink, and 1” margins.
  9. Grammar, spelling, and format are important. Be sure to use your spell/grammar check and proof read your work. Suggestion: It always helps to have a second pair of eyes view your work. You may want to have another person read your paper prior to turning it in. You will not be penalized for limited grammatical/spelling errors. However, excessive errors will result in a reduction of points.
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