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Guide on Writing an Essay in One Hour

May 19, 2020 0 Comment

Completing a 2-page essay in 1 hour

Students are tasked with essay writing throughout their academic journey and in most cases, they are constrained to a deadline. This can create a lot of pressure due to the fact that the student still has to accomplish other academic-related work and activities while still preparing for the exams. For some students, it’s a no brainer and they are able to easily write up an essay within a short time and writing sort of comes naturally to them. However, for a majority of students, there is a struggle and wrangle that comes with the task of writing an essay, either because of lack of research skills, lack of writing skills, or lack of both. This means that they can spend hours on end on an essay with little success in their essay paper.

So how can a student complete a 2-page essay in 1 hour or finish an essay as quickly as possible regardless of the number of pages? There are two ways that we advise and that can be through our step by step guide with tricks that enables one to research and write quickly in an effective manner. The other option is by engaging our professional help where you can get an original free of plagiarism paper custom written for you at a small fee. The beauty of this is that the paper can be finished within a very short span of time because the professional writers are used to such tasks and working under pressure.

Quick and easy step by step guide with tricks on essay writing

In the case where you still feel confident and you still have time left on your hands, you can decide to knock yourself out with the essay. Here are the steps that will help you write one quickly while still aiming to get a good grade.

How to write an essay in an hour
Guide on writing an essay in an hour

Step 1: Have a proper understanding of the question

Make sure that you have looked at all the details of the paper before you start any research or typing. This is a very important step and you should read the question more than once so that you internalize it and have an idea of what is expected of you. Many are the times a student reads through the question in a hurry especially when on a deadline and after writing for an hour they realize that they missed an important aspect or answered the question in a manner that was not supposed to be. This leads to a lot of time wastage and frustration all of which could have been avoided had the student taken a few more minutes to grasp the question.

Step 2: use the rubric to guide you

When you are handed an assignment in many instances the professor will provide you with all the instructions plus the rubric. The rubric is a scoring guide that provides information on how individual segments of the paper will be graded. They provide the performance criteria, rating scale, and indicators classifying what is expected from you as the student and what will be assessed and this is provided to make grading fair and transparent. Once you have looked at the question, make sure you look at the rubric for it to give guidance on the areas that you need to concentrate on and those that have higher points. This ensures that you do not dedicate too much time on points that have less points whereas there are those that need more research and offer more points. It helps balance your efforts and time throughout your paper and helps in the next step which is planning a layout and sub-headings.

Step 3: plan the layout of your essay

Once you have understood the question outline, looked at the rubric and the various aspects that you are supposed to cover. Come up with sub-headings that will help you organize your essay and make the research work much more streamlined and fast. Through this strategy, your thought process becomes more organized at the beginning and the layout gives you a map like vision of where you are headed with the essay. It also makes research work easier because you now tackle one heading at a time with the number of words you have to write for each section reduced. This can motivate you because if the essay is 500 words and you have 5 sections, it means that you will only have to research and write 100 words depending on the rubric and requirement each section.

Step 4: make the search bar your friend

Now it is time to start researching on the sections you have come up with. The god thing with research is that technology has really helped and most information is available online at the click of a few keys. You can find books, journals and research work online and search for exactly the content that you want at the comfort of your house/dorm room/office just wherever you are.

Step 5: do not plagiarize even if you are in a hurry

Plagiarism can cost you your grades and it would be better if you would not have done the paper. Once you find the information that you want relax, read and understand and make it your own. Use your own words to explain the concept and make sure that it does not lose meaning so that you come up with an original document that is plagiarism-free.

Step 6: remember to reference the work as you go along, not after you have finished the paper

Why should you reference your paper as you write it and not until you have finished? It is easier to remember as you go along because human beings are bound to forget once you have loaded up your brain with so much information at the end of the paper you may get confused. It makes more sense if you reference at each point as the need arises and this makes sure that your editing will also be faster when you are going over the paper.

Step 7: edit your paper

 If you do not have more time you can skip this step because your paper will be complete as is. However, if you have a few minutes, scan through the paper to check for any spelling mistakes and grammar, and quickly rectify them.

Process for having it done by a professional

You could have procrastinated and now you are feeling under pressure and you totally cannot be able to think straight and type a paper in one hour. Worry not because at myonlinehomeworkhelper.com we have dealt with scenarios just like yours many times and we know what it means. We assign your work fast and we always have writers available to deal with urgent orders. These are writers who work fast with short deadlines and produce quality work at the same time. So what do you need to do? Just two things:

Step 1: sign up

Sign up so that we can get your details. We ensure that we protect your information in our privacy clause.

Step 2: upload instruction

Once you have signed up upload all the instruction and materials that will be necessary for the paper. If the assignment is related to a previous paper done upload it too. This makes the writers work easier and helps to save on time that is of essence in this scenario. We aim to have the paper done in less time than the deadline so that you can also scan through the paper before you hand it in. the papers that we offer are all custom made for you according to your instructions and they are all plagiarism-free. We take this seriously and we have invested in plagiarism checkers where all papers written go through editing and are checked for plagiarism, grammar and mistakes.  

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