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Greek Vases Paper

July 22, 2016 0 Comment

Below is the instructions of the essay. Please be sure to answer all the questions and give in text citations. i will upload the instructions (just in case) and the first 2 chapters of the book (for reference). Thank you. Happy writing.

“The Greek Vase” – 20 points
DUE: SUNDAY June 7, 2015 –Submit to online link on Moodle

This paper must be written in essay form. Remember to proofread and provide a proper Chicago style bibliography with footnotes. Footnote all facts and information. Google “Chicago-style footnotes and bibliography” for more information. Do not cite using parentheticals. Italicizeand date all artwork titles.

Watch the Getty Museum video “Making Greek Vases.”
HYPERLINK http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/videoDetails?segid=373

Then, explore the Getty museum website under the heading “collections.” Find a Greek vase from the Getty collection that appeals to you. Note that there is a story being told on its surface.

Answer these questions:

Describe the vase in detail, in your own words.

What is the story or incident that the vase is describing?

Are there famous characters from mythology portrayed on the surface?

Describe the story briefly. (There are many books and articles available on the subject of mythology at

CSUN’s Oviatt Library.) What is the history of the vase?

When was it discovered?

Has it been restored?

What is it made of?
Give as much information as you can.


Describe the process of ancient vase making and vase-painting, using the Getty video and outside

sources. (Again, the Oviatt Library is an invaluable source for this information.) What was the purpose

of this vase?

Was it an oil jar?

A wine decanter?


Finally, explain what drew you to this particular artwork in the first place. Do you like the figures? The

shape of the vase itself? The colors used?

Finish the essay with a concise yet insightful statement that will make me understand that you made

your choice for a reason, and not just to fulfill an assignment.


IMPORTANT: Follow the detailed instructions very carefully.
• All papers must be written in essay form with an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.

1. Essay must be at least 3 pages long. If it is 2.5 pages, I will not accept it.

2. Essay must be typewritten using 12 point font, Times New Roman style, double-spaced, with a standard border top, bottom and sides, and numbered pages.

3. Essay must have a minimum of THREE footnotes (1+ per topic), and there must be one journal listed, one book and one other source, minimum.

4. Essay must have a finalized bibliography on a separate page in proper Chicago style format. Also, any source that you use must be scholarly.

5. Do not use Wikipedia for any scholarly information or as one of your listed sources.

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