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Assignment Brief

Operations management is a management function, which involves managing people, equipment, technology, information, and many other resources (Reid and Sanders, 2013). Global operations assess the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and projects within an organization in global context. All organisations must continually monitor and fine-tune the way in which they conduct their business – rising to the challenge of the market means evolving and modifying that approach to continuously improve their operation management.

Appointed as the management consultant, you are required to write a report on a chosen international organisation in the commercial sector to critically assess and review its global operation management. You are required to apply methodologies that will assist with the management of change within the organizations by evaluating the different decision areas in the operations management (Greasley, 2013)


Your assignment must cover the following topics:


  • An overview of the company which you have chosen and a critical review of its global operation in the areas of the continuous improvement of the product, processes, facility design and implication of globalisation.
  • Explain the supply chain management and logistics and their importance to the operations of the chosen organisation either in manufacturing or service sector.
  • A critical assessment on benefits of make/buy/outsourcing decisions and how the organisation applies make, buy or outsourcing approaches and philosophies which shaped the organisation
  • A detailed discussion of the lean management/Kaizen/total quality improvement, currently employed in the industry/sector of the chosen organisation including an assessment of their effectiveness and efficiency
  • An application and critical assessment of methodologies that will assist with the management of changes, such as technology and future advances within an operation function and improve the overall competitiveness of the business with recommendations.
Global operations
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