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Word Limit: 2,000 words (with 10% plus or minus leeway)

Deadline date for submission:

17 August 2016

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment

 Critically analyse alternative means available to ensure the sustainable development of oil and gas industries.

Assignment Task

Energy & Sustainability Consultant to the UN

As a consultant in energy and sustainable development for the UN, your role is to provide a guideline and information on issues connected to the oil and gas production and applications as one of the major causes for climate change and global warming. For this reason, sustainable development of oil and gas industries is an important factor, i.e. how oil and gas companies are able to divert into cleaner sources of sustainable energy and the consequent impacts on the environment, in general and the climate, in particular.

 Provide discussion related to the oil and gas companies challenges and benefits as they divert their energy sources into renewable energy, and what exactly sustainable development means to them;

 Your recommendations to the UN (stating your reasons) at the end of your document should be sourced from actual data and reliable references;

 Provide a critical analysis and details for all the issues raised above;


Total Marks for Assignment: 100


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Indicative Content

Knowledge and Research [worth 55% of marks]

What are the causes of climate change and global warming? Provide issues and factors connected to the climate change and global warming, directly and indirectly. What kind of practical actions that the UN should undertake in order to minimise the impacts on the environment.

Environmental Management for Sustainable Development