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Energy and Russian Policy with a close view on Putin's third presidential term

September 20, 2015 0 Comment

Introduction PutinЎЇs regime is improbable to contribute to remarkable transformations in the foreign policy because during his tenure as the prime minister he seemed to be the main architect. Additionally, during his tenure, PutinЎЇs was to reassert Russian political status. He appeared to be successful in attaining this objective on condition that oil price was increasing. Remarkably, in the earlier years of Dmitry MedvedevЎЇs tenure, the global financial crisis led to a rapid decrease in the prices of oil. Even PutinЎЇs reaction to declining ability of Russia as great power, it is somewhat risk-free that presents the depiction of Russia being an influential nation. PutinЎЇs main foreign policy priority was to prevent any transformation that was likely to harm Russia- that more and more seemed to mean the impediment of any transformation. For instance, Putin is against the EuropeЎЇs attempts to cajole Russia by integrating European customs and values. Though, he does not champion a European that is economically weak and imports oil from Russia. During his leadership, Russian foreign policy was more and more opposed to transform the world. A pattern that is increasingly evident during his reign. Obviously the issue with such kind of policy is that transformation happens whether leaders fancy or not. Objectives The paper aims at discussing Energy and Russian Policy with a close view on PutiniЎЇs third presidential term. EuropeЎЇs reliance on Russian energy The enactment of ECSC and EURATOM agreements led to the formation of European alliances. Europe depends on about 50 % of its imports on energy and this is likely to increase to 70 percent in the next fifteen years. A big proportion of energy imports come from Russia. Nevertheless, crises about energy delivery from Russia to Ukraine elicited strong disapproval on the Russian energy measures as well as its capabilities as secure supplier. Basically, to fully understand the extent of EuropeЎЇs dependence on Russian energy, it is important to recognize oil and gas industry in Russia. EuropeЎЇs energy market relies on three projects; two of which are funded by Russia that is Nord stream and South stream; an the other supported by Turkey and Europe-Nabucco. EuropeЎЇs dependence on Russian energy is worrying since, Russia lacks a developed free market and energy policies are determined by political power. However, Russia is an important partner for EuropeЎЇs energy supply. Explain how Russia transforms that reliance into a political bargaining tool. Every country employs its political ties, fiscal connections, military means and other factor accessible means in most effective way to enhance the nationЎЇs position in the global backdrop. Russia is no exemption. What makes Russia unique is its fall as a worldЎЇs super power following its break-up from the former USSR in 1991. The fall of the Soviet Union culminated to the disintegration of the Russian Federation as well as the deep fiscal fall. However, Russia uses its largest natural gas reservoir as a bargaining tool. When it comes to coal, Russia comes second after the United States Determine with which states energy is more frequently used in bilateral foreign policy dealings. European member states opted to pursue their foreign framework goals concerning Russia at the EU echelon or bilaterally. It appears rather appropriate to describe the special connection as a diagnostic arrangement of bilateral coordinationЎЇs between two global players, especially states; hence ties exist in the exterior context with EU member states as a part of the system of the global system, and in the interior framework of the national structure of foreign policy. Please use a miminimum of 5 sources from the uploaded pdf files. Make sure to cite as many sources as possible in order to make it plagiarism free. Thank you.

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