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Dramedy Little Miss Sunshine

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Directions from instructor:
Traditionally, beginning with the ancient Greeks, theater had a clear division between comedy and drama. Over the last thirty to forty years, theater, television, and film have begun to prize works that blur this division, creating the new genre of the dramedy. This genre is new enough that its extended definition is still malleable, and your final exam will ask you to think about how you’d like to see this genre defined. Here are the directions:
1. View Little Miss Sunshine (movie)
2. There will be discussions to help you brainstorm ideas about what makes a dramedy and how Little Miss Sunshine or The Descendants fulfills (or doesnt fulfill) those ideas.
3. Develop a thesis that defines dramedy and argues whether or not Little Miss Sunshine or The Descendants fulfills (or not) your definition. Your essay should then illustrate your definition (positively or negatively) using examples and specific detail from the film. You can achieve this in a number of ways:
a. You may develop one overarching requirement for dramedy and discuss a number of examples from the film.
b. You may develop a few requirements for dramedy and discuss one example from the film for each.
c. You may focus on one element of a dramedy, such as character, and use examples from the film.
d. You may use any other plan of development as long as it fulfills the assignment.
You have the opportunity to send me an outline of your final draft if you wish to do so. It should use the following format (this is a sample from a literary analysis assignment):
Thesis: The Lottery teaches its readers to question tradition by exposing the inadequacy of our symbols.
Topic Sentence 1: The black box symbolizes the aging of a tradition within a society.
Topic Sentence 2: Old Man Warner represents the perspective of those within a society that buy into meaningless traditions.
Topic Sentence 3: Tessie Hutchinson represents the perspective of those within a society who object to traditions in such a way that makes them part of the problem rather than the solution.
4. Write a well-developed, multi-paragraphed essay. Make sure you
a. Introduce the genre of dramedy and Little Miss Sunshine or The Descendants.
b. Include a clear, concise thesis statement that fulfills the assignment.
c. Use specific detail from the film.
d. Analyze film content. You must go beyond summary.
Other Tips:
1. Think about your audience, your professor. She is already familiar with Little Miss Sunshine or The Descendants and does not need summary.
2. Do not use first person (I, We).
3. Be very careful with the use of second person (you). Avoid it if you can. If you can’t, be sure your meaning is clear and not asking too much of the reader.
4. You are using a source as the basis of your essay, so it must be documented.
o Be sure to establish the title of the film early in your essay.
o Anytime you use a character’s words, put them in quotation marks and indicate who they belong to by using a signal phrase:
Richard says, Everybody just pretend to be normal.
o You’ll need a works cited page.
Directions for formatting a works cited page and crafting works cited entries can be found here: http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/resdoc5e/RES5e_ch08_s1-0011.html
Remember that you have three resources to help you with MLA documentation: your textbook, the site in the WebLinks section of the course, and me!
o No other sources should be used on this essay!
Also this essay will be submitted through www.turnitin.com. Make sure the essay has a meaningful points in the sense that the essay does not look like a report. also write the essay in a way that makes references about life my teacher likes that. Make sure the essay has 5 paragraps, an introduction, 3 paragraphs that represent the body of the essay that include the reasons, and a conclusion, which would be the final paragraph. Make sure the thesis is at the end of the first paragraph.

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