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Doctoral Program in Business Administration

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Order Details
Doctoral Project
Doctoral Program in Business Administration
Course number
Instructor: Dr.
Your email address
Date of Submission
•You must also provide for a Verification sheet:
•After the cover sheet, you must have a verification sheet (please include exactly what follows on your verification sheet) (the following is an actual example)
A Handbook for Patient Safety in Skilled Care Facilities
John P. Doe
A Project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in International Business
Faculty & Administrative Approval by:
For Doctoral Projects, please follow the same guidelines above as outlined for doctoral Project, regarding submission to your faculty advisor, approval, binding of the dissertation, submission of the official loose approval form, etc.
COURSE OVERVIEW: This class will introduce concept research course that offers you the knowledge and skills needed to problem solve and meet the challenges of a fast paced global business environment. During this course you will have the opportunities to conduct a systematic inquiry in order to address (your selection of topic) business management issues
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, you will:
•Understand a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
•Develop appropriate research questions applicable to the selected topic.
•Develop problem statements.
•Conduct a literature review.
•Evaluate existing research.
•Apply research methods for data analysis.
•Summarize collected data.
TIME FRAME: This is four-semester hour course. This course is allotted 3 weeks of time. You must complete all of the requirements for the course successfully by the end of the 3 week period.
Roberts, C. (2004). The Dissertation Journey. Corwin Press – A Sage Publications Company. 0-7619-3887-7
American Psychological Association. (2013). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.
Mid Term Exam
Due Week 2
(Chapters 1-6)
Final Exam
Due week 4
(Chapters 7-12)
Due weekly
4 total- Each worth 6.25 x4= 25pts
Term Paper
Due week 4
Total possible points
GRADING: The grading scale for this course is as follows:
= A
= B
= C
Below 70%
= Fail
COMMUNICATION: You are encouraged to communicate with me. I am available as a teacher, coach, and mentor to assist you in meeting your goals for this course. Please keep my email address handy so that you can contact me whenever necessary. If at any time during this course you change your email address, please be sure to notify me right away.
•APA style- Breyer State University requires the use of APA format for academic writings. I highly recommend purchasing the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.). This manual provides guidance and examples of how to properly cite and reference the work of others. This is also where you will find the specific requirements regarding text type and size, margin settings, etc. These are the basic mechanical requirements of the paper and points are deducted for not complying with these. I am specifically looking for proper APA formatting of in-text citations and references.
•Plagiarism- If you are incorporating information from outside sources you need to cite those sources; otherwise you are presenting the work of others as your own. This is called plagiarism and is a serious academic offense. I do have all the technology to spot plagiarism.
•Grammar/punctuation/flow- You are expected to write at the collegiate level. Proof your paper to check for errors. Better yet, have someone else proof it for you if possible. The highest performing students will take pride in their written presentations and their papers will be free of grammar/punctuation errors and will have a well-structured and logical flow.
Sample of a Proposal
Please follow these guidelines when developing your proposal:
1. All proposals must be type-written. A hand written proposal is not acceptable
2. Please provide a cover page which includes the following:
•Your name
•Phone Number
•Student ID number
•Email address
•The degree you are pursuing
•The date of submission
•Title the page with “Ph.D. Proposal”
3. Please use 1 inch margins when completing your proposal.
4. Please be sure to number all pages, (header or footer).
5. Please follow this structure/format for writing your proposal
•Abstract- provide a 2-3 paragraph abstract which generally overviews what your dissertation or project will entail.
•Title: provide a title for project
i.e. The Affect of Organizational Policy on Employee Morale
The Changing Nature of Our Weather Systems
Project: A Guide to Enhancing Psychic Abilities
•Format: here, please detail the format/structure you will be using. If you will be conducting research, please note the type of research such as Experimental, Exploratory, etc. If you are submitting a project, then please detail the structure. For example, submitting a completed handbook on samples of Grant Writing for Non-Profit Organizations.
•Be sure to make a copy of the proposal for yourself. Proposals that are submitted to the University will not be returned to you.
•Following submission of your proposal, you will receive a completed evaluation of the proposal from your instructor. All proposal evaluations will be emailed to you.
•FOR PROJECTS1. Provide an "Abstract" of what your project is about. Please use 2-3 paragraphs to do this. Be sure to be focused and provide an overall summary.
2. Title: be sure to provide a title for your project
3. Focus – write about the major focus of your project, including details as to what you will be creating, developing and submitting as your completed project. Why you feel it is important. What you feel it accomplishes or offers.
4. Structure – please provide information on how your project will be structured. For example, will it include submission of a handbook, completed video tapes, etc.
5. Presentation – please provide information regarding the bulk of the project here. If you are creating books, manuals, etc., describe what you will be creating. Please provide some detail.
6. References – if you are going to be using references for your project please discuss the types of references that will be used.
7. Misc. – in this section, please provide any other important information about your project. Here you can also clarify concepts regarding your project.
8. Timeline – provide a short time line for completion of your project and an estimated date of submission.
•Follow the guidelines provided above under "proposals for projects."
•Detail each piece of your project in sections or chapters
•If you are submitting a published work, hand book, video tapings, etc, you must also submit a short written thesis according to the guidelines provided above in "proposals for projects."
•Use 1 inch margins
•Your short written thesis must be type written. Hand written work will not be accepted.
•You must include a cover page in your short thesis:
•On the Cover Sheet you must provide:
The Title of your Project
Your Full Name
Your address
Your email address
Date of Submission
•You must also provide for a Verification sheet:
•After the cover sheet, you must have a verification sheet (please include exactly what follows on your verification sheet) (the following is an actual example)
A Handbook for Patient Safety in Skilled Care Facilities
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