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Discussion response assignment

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Responding to peers.

Provide a strategy/suggestion of how educators can support this role of attachment positively in the classroom.



Insecure/resistant/ambivalent attachment 

Is prominent when children are upset when their parent or caregiver leaves, then seek comfort from them when they come back. After the child has sought comfort, though, he or she becomes angry, irritated, or struggles to get away from their caregiver because the child is upset with the parent/caregiver for leaving them (Wardle 2013).

Parents may feel helpless because the child is never happy; their offspring is upset when they leave and when they return, making it hard to establish a secure attachment and trusting bond. I would advise parents and caregivers to enforce a routine for pick up and drop off from day care or school. Parents shouldn’t linger for more than 15 minutes or “tempt” their child into thinking that they will stay; this only further disembodies the trust the child has and is misleading. You also shouldn’t sneak out of the room without saying goodbye. Children need to know that they can trust their caregivers, so establishing a routine and encouraging a secure, healthy attachment is key. Parents also need to realize that children are going to cry and be upset, and that’s okay. Their emotions are valid, but their feelings cannot dictate the lives of the parents or caregivers. Once the child realizes that you will leave and then come back and not tolerate their anger or tantrums, they will begin to understand how to behave, and develop a more secure attachment. 

Children will be encouraged to play and participate in activities in the classroom, and tantrums or aggressive behavior will receive disciplinary actions. Teachers will help new children transition into the classroom schedule and environment, as well as advocate for positive relationships between the child and his/her parents or caregivers. 


Insecure/ambivalent attachment

1. Characteristics of this type of attachment to inform parents

1. Signs to look for include, infant or child getting really upset when parent leaves

2. Shows signs of clinginess to parents once they leave

3. Excessive crying when separated from parents

4. Can show signs of anger and irritability when parents return to pick them up

5. They can also show signs of a struggle when pulled away or trying to get away from parents.


1. Characteristics of this type of attachment to inform parents

1. Infants have been known to ignore parents and continue to play once they arrive to go home

2. They are often angry at home

3. Hostile and unfeeling in their preschool or even with their peers.

2. Shared communication plan to engage parents

1. Use initial registration forms

2. Provide a parent bulletin board

3. Establish and maintain an open climate

4. Set up a parent library

5. Provide information on community agencies

6. Provide parent training

7. Provide communication in different languages

8. Examine parent teacher conferences

1. Suggestions that you would offer to foster a positive attachment in the classroom

1. We could offer family groups

2. We should offer ways for parents and children to gradiually ease the separation process at drop off.

3. Incorporating reminders of the parent to ease the attachment.

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