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Devoted myself to public policy analysis

February 15, 2014 0 Comment

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Born in a family of civil servants, I have been receiving the good education in the city of Guangzhou. From table talk with my parents on today’s government policy, I have trained up comprehensive thinking when evaluating government acts. Such growth environment has indeed ignited my strong interest in public affairs and my aspiration in the field of people’s livelihood development.
After receiving 12 years strict basic education, in 2009 I entered the School of Journalism and Communication in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a high score in the university entrance exam. In GDUFS, I was thirsty for large sum of knowledge of social science and specific disciplinary theory. After class I always stayed in the library and read thousands of books of all subjects, such as Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action, Sociology, Of Laws in General and so on. Also, I have wide range of hobbies and actively participated in volunteer activities and lectures on social topics. In 2010, I joined one on ‘A Social-Ecological Approach to Sustainability’ by the Nobel Prize winner Professor Elinor Ostrom in Sun Yat-Sen University. During the lecture She introduced the social-ecological system (SES) and vividly shared her findings in selected fishing villages in the Northern Gulf of California in Mexico, from which I thought much about how to apply SES to fishing villages. With face-to-face interaction, I witnessed the power of addressing complicated issues in the public sector with a simple but widely applicable model. This impressive lecture had such great impact on my life that I determined to delve deeper into public policy. Meanwhile, the many problems in China under social transformation and institutional reformation seem much more urgent. For all mentioned above I decided to shoulder the responsibility to help solve some of the problems in my career.
To get further development in theory and method of public policy, I took some courses in School of Government in SYSU from 2010 till 2012. Among all the courses, it was the course Public Policy Analysis given by Professor Chao Zhou that benefited me the most. The participation-teaching-mode-based course sharpened my understanding of the whole system of policy making, execution and assessment through large sum of case analysis. From the course I mastered the comprehensive theories of public policy and became skillful in analyzing and solving problems in a systematical way. I felt the interest and the glamor of public policy research through this teaching approach. Under his instruction, I then applied for the National University Student Innovation Experiment Program in 2012, ‘The Analysis on the Operation Pattern of NSFC-Guangdong Province Mutual Fund in the View of Public Policy’. Through this research, I extended my research ability for future development.
In order to know more about the operation of public policy in China, in 2012 I was granted the practice opportunity in Institute of Public Policy in South China University of Technology, an independent unbiased public policy research institute. In study of Yunfu, a Guangdong city, which balanced democratic development at the local level and traditional Chinese squire system, I reviewed the public policies collected from local government and media reports and made analysis. Instead of setting up another bureaucracy department, Yunfu government successfully promoted the public interests in villages by encouraging famous squires to set up a council to support public affairs. Despite challenges in the beginning, this experience deepened my knowledge in policy analysis and combined my theory with practice. It was also my honor to have a chance to communicate with many scholars like Professor Yongnian Zheng . After that I have more comprehensive understanding of the execution of the public policy in China. Even more excitingly, after graduation I worked in the Center of Public Policy Analysis of SYSU as a research assistant, which was an invaluable chance to step closer to my dream.
I know that Heinz College in CMU stands top in public policy, especially in the science and technology policy. It was my honor to communicate with my senior Mr. Zipei Tu, the author of The Big Data Revolution, who graduated from Heinz in 2009. His work has significant impact on China and leaves the country in the reflection of management with data. His revolutionary point of view in public policy made me steadfast in the pursuit of public policy. Inspired by him, I am determined to be an expert in public policy and solve social problems efficiently. The theoretical study and practice these years have a laid a solid foundation for my further development. As Heinz’s value goes, ‘staying a step ahead of changes in public affairs’, I also want to be ahead of the social problems. With the help of quantitative and qualitative analysis of management, policy and technology offered by MSPPM Program, I am sure I can fix the complicated social problems and fulfill my goal.
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