Cultural Identity

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People have different backgrounds and are inherent of distinct cultures. The cultures identify individuals from one another. Individuals are able to feel a sense of pride in their own cultures. All this ascribes to the heritage of one’s culture. A sense of identity and value is realized in one’s heritage. Having a cultural identity is a pertinent and critical aspect of life to every human being; we all want to have a sense of belonging.

Mariano exemplifies the value and happiness of acknowledging one’s cultural identity through their heritage. The teacher, who is Mariano, brings together students for a music event. Nate is the Musician and showcases cultural identity in the music performed (Dumont). It is very necessary for students to realize their different cultural backgrounds and get to appreciate them. Mariano succeeds in helping Spanish students realize and value their Spanish cultural identity which has unique heritage. Among food and gift giving, love is another heritage of the Spanish people, and it is deeply valued (McCarthy). Correspondingly, this has relatedness to a friend called Fernandez who would find himself in a black dominated college.

Fernandez, in his striving to fit in the new environment, really tried to be like the blacks. He would note different behaviors of the black and try to acculturate. Although Fernandez was trying to fit in, his accent betrayed him, and the blacks would tell him to stop faking his identity by trying to be black. Days went by, and it became unbearable for Fernandez to face rejection by the blacks as one of their own. The blacks had nothing against him only that they wanted him to stay true to himself and stop pretending to be black (Torsson). Fernandez had to look for his college mates of Spanish origin. He was able to make fast friends with the Spaniards. When the blacks noted this, they became amazed and started asking them of their culture especially how they manage to be excellent in love.

It was rewarding and pleasing to see how the blacks started embracing his identity that he thought would be rejected. Fernandez felt excited and pleased in explaining romantic nature of his culture, which the college age people are fond of. The blacks and Fernandez became friends and would be seen exchanging stories and spending time occasionally. Conclusively, it is important to identify yourself in your own culture and present your heritage wherever you go. People will appreciate and respect a person who accepts his or her cultural identity.


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