Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

As part of conducting a literature review, it is important that you are able to read, interpret and critique existing research articles. In the weekly workshops, you will engage in learning activities to develop your skills in reading and evaluating social research. To prepare your own literature review, you need to become familiar with the state of the literature in your topic of interest. Therefore, you are required to have read no less thanfour publications on your topic. You will need to have completed a template (provided on blackboard) that synthesises your material and demonstrates your critical analysis skills. You will also need to provide full references for each of your pieces. You will bring the typed and printed template to class where you will discuss your work in a small group as part of this in class assessment.


No late submissions are accepted without Special Consideration and/or DLU plan.


Assessment Criteria


Your work will be assessed on the extent to which you:


Demonstrate a capacity to consider how your selected sources sit within a broader literature

Demonstrate a knowledge of the nuances of your selected literature

Critical Analysis
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