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computer science homework help

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Scenario: You have been asked to design a computer network using the hardware and software resource available in T104. The computer network is for a home network to be used by at least three network users for different purposes, these include: business use, college homework and pleasure purposes.


The brief must include the following requirements for the computer network (as a minimum):


At least three network users, one of whom must be a network administrator with full control


At least five shared folders and seven shared files, with different access permissions for different users Configure network users, e.g. place in groups, set login restrictions, disable accounts


At least one shared hardware network resource, e.g. printer, scanner, external storage device


Configure network users, e.g. add more users, remove existing users, change passwords(s), change access rights, set login restrictions, disable user accounts


Setup use of network utilities, e.g. remote desktop, instant messaging, antivirus, firewall.


Your evidence must be presented as an illustrated report, using appropriate presentation applications. It must have clear section headings and you are expected create your own diagrams.




Task 1 (P2 and P3)


In order to produce a design for a computer network, you must first be able to understand and interpret the requirements from the scenario.


1.Produce a BRIEF with detailed description of the ‘client’ requirements for the computer network. Give at least three different detailed examples of what they may want to use the network for.


  1. In a table produce a TASK LIST based on the above requirements. Give detailed descriptions of the user names, who will be administrator, access to folders, application, permissions, access rights etc.


  1. Produce a NETWORK DIAGRAM showing the structure of the network, network devices and other equipment.


  1. Include the positioning of network devices, the connection medium and equipment.


  1. Provide  captions and descriptions of the hardware components


  1. In a table produce a SOFTWARE LIST include details of settings and IP addresses etc.


  1. Provide a TEST PLAN, giving an outline of the range of tests that they will perform when the network is developed. Ensure these tests reflect the Scenario requirements.


Guidance Notes:


You will use the task list to enable you to set up the Computer network, so it is important you include ALL the details you will need.


Put your name on the brief and the diagrams must be your own work with captions.



Task 2 M 1

Still based on the scenario, produce an alternative computer network solution.


  1. In separate section provide additions to the original BRIEF, TASK LIST, NETWORK DIAGRAM and




  1. For example, variations of how the same network can be developed, either by changing the physical or logical topologies or changing the network components.


  1. Show how you might configure setting up IP addresses and subnet masks, and setting up different access permissions for individual or groups of network users.


  1. Produce a table with costs involved with setting up a network, in terms of the hardware components and software resources.


  1. Present evidence of test data from you TEST PLAN.


Guidance Notes: The report must include valid additions to the BRIEF, TASK LIST, NETWORK DIAGRAM, SOFTWARE LIST and TEST PLAN. Ensure your name is on the report.


Use packet tracer where need.

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