Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

(Reflect on how the two types of crisis situations you have selected are similar as well as how they are different, particularly in terms of their breadth of impact, the intervention strategies most often used in response to these situations, their intended outcomes, and the effectiveness of these intervention strategies in achieving these outcomes.

***The assignment:


*Identify and briefly describe the two specific types of individual, couple, and/or family crisis situations you have selected.


*Explain how the two types of crises ( sexual assault, and/or partner violence) are similar and how they are different, including, but not limited to the following:

-Their breadth of impact

-Crisis intervention strategies that might be used for each

-The intended outcomes of intervention strategies used for each

-The effectiveness of the outcomes of intervention strategies used for each


*Explain what insights you have or conclusions you can draw based on this comparison.

Comparative Analysis of Individual, Couple, and Family Crises