Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Answers must be direct to the point, succinct.250 words only each question total of 500 words not more than 10% above or below 10% of the required word count.


2.Site between 6-10 reference to demonstrate your level of reading and research in preparing your assignment. You can include only RELEVANT References (6 being the minimum). No older than 10 years.


  1. You have to include in text as well as a list of references at the end of all answers.


4.. Please include more appropriate references only; Please review CDU Referencing to understand the citation tech. (see attached)


  1. APA referencing


  1. There is no word count for referencing.
  1. We prefer journals article in addition to preferred textbooks.





  1. You will be answering TWO questions;
  2. Each answer is worth of 250 words;
  3. Font size 12;
  4. Font Type: preferably Times New Roman or Arial;
  5. Line space anywhere from 1.5 to 2.
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