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Assessment on IBL Approach on Applying the Modified Striplings Model

September 8, 2013 0 Comment

Paper Instructions
Assessment #1 – Essay – Assignment 1 (Graded)
This assessment provides you with the opportunity to:
1. apply the process of Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and the modified Stripling’s Model of Inquiry to analyse one clinical scenario (see below) in relation to the professional nurse’s role regarding the scenario
2. demonstrate beginning level information literacy skills in the following areas: presentation of a formal scholarly essay, seeking/evaluating/using reliable sources of evidence to support the discussion and correct application of the Harvard Referencing System.
3. discuss how IBL and use of the modified Stripling model assisted your learning about cultural awareness
Psychosocial History
Uncle Jim is a 55 year old Aboriginal gentleman belonging to the Koori clan. Uncle Jim lives with family and friends at Ceduna; he is semi nomadic; often spending periods of 3 months or more in other locations with relatives from his own kinship group. He has a very close female friend in Ceduna with whom he lives when there. He is neat, well dressed with a slightly bushy grey beard.
Systems Review
Uncle Jim has no obvious neurological problems, he is alert, oriented to time, place and person and demonstrates a good sense of humour. He speaks slowly and is slightly forgetful at times. However this seems to align with his relaxed attitude and lifestyle.
Uncle Jim does not have diabetes, but he says the doctor told him they need to keep an eye on his sugar levels.
Uncle Jim is a heavy smoker and has a history of hospital presentations with severe shortness of breath. He says his doctor says he has asthma but he does not know what it is and does not have a management plan.
Uncle Jim has moderate hypertension (155/90), pulse full and bounding 80 beats per minute. He has no other cardiovascular diagnoses. He does not drink alcohol anymore, but says he used to drink a lot in his younger days. He is slightly overweight for his height but not obese.
He has a very slight right sided limp caused by arthritis or something in his right knee
The purpose of this assessment is for you to use an IBL approach applying the Modified Striplings Model, to analyse the above scenario, identify areas where further assessment and follow up is required, and then to reflect on the usefulness of the model to learn about cultural awareness and transferability of this knowledge to the care of persons from differing cultural groups.
The paper must be presented as a formal scholarly essay with the following sections:
Section A – 100 words
Section B 200 words
Identifying areas where further details and questioning of Uncle Jim are required. As a registered nurse assessing Uncle Jim, what areas stand out as a high priority for further questioning? Use evidence-based sources to justify your discussion in this section of the paper.
Section C 200 words
Discuss your evaluation of Jim’s understanding of his health and his doctor’s advice to him. Questions to assist your thinking: Does Jim have a clear understanding of his health, health plan and why it is important to understand this.
Does Jim have a clear understanding of what his Doctor has said to him about his health?
Is the information Jim relates valid, reliable and precise? If not, justify why not?
In what aspects of his health does Jim appear to need education?
What further health education might be required?
Section D 200 words
Discuss how your use of the modified Stripling Model assisted the assessment of Jim and your understanding of the impact of cultural issues in this scenario.
Section E – 50 words
Reference List: A minimum of 4 references from journals or textbooks should support the assignment (not including course material or recommended sources of literature).

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