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You are to write a essay in which you are to critically respond and reflect on how simulation plays a decisive role via architecture and any other form of media you consider will support your essay. The primary focus must be on Disney Theme Parks. Your emphasis should be on, does simulation control and condition the consumer’s actions? Introduction and issues to consider; “In the case of Disney’s Main Street, there is a very specific architectural layout. “Main Street U.S.A. provides the model for the new inner city – an arena of wholesome family entertainment, notably free of crime and drugs, thronging with happy people having a good time and spending money.” This “model for the new inner city” the architectural planners designed for Main Street is visually laid out with a strict sense of order and harmony. Each building was placed and especially designed with the intent of promoting a specifically small town atmosphere in which every person feels safe.”

Architectural Simulation as an Agent of Social Control