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Ann can I get this work by the date shown above?

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Assessment of an Organization
Ann can I get this work by the date shown above?
Assessment of an Organization
This assignment is a culmination of the work you began in Unit 4, when you were called on to select an organization in your community that provides counseling services to one or more diverse populations (for example, a community mental health clinic, college counseling center, or school) and arrange for an interview by phone or in person. Having collected information in order to assess the role of the organization and its staff in prevention, education, consultation, intervention, and advocacy, and if the agency itself reflects a multicultural environment, it is now time to gather your findings and create your paper.
Address the following in a 5–8 page paper, referring to the data you gather in the interview, your text and course readings, and at least two peer-reviewed articles:
Describe the organization, including the following:
The organization and the diverse populations it serves, including the cost for services. Who is eligible for services? For example, could an illegal immigrant receive services? Someone without health insurance? Is it accessible to public transportation?
The organization’s role in prevention with respect to mental health and the diverse populations it serves. For example, does the organization provide public service announcements, screenings for depression, et cetera?
The organization’s role in education on mental health and wellness and the diverse populations it serves. For example, does the organization provide education for clients? To community organizations? To the general public? And if so, in what forms and which staff are responsible?
The organization’s role with respect to intervention and the diverse populations it serves. For example, is counseling provided to individuals, couples, families, groups? Is the counseling staff diverse? How do the cultural characteristics of the counselors compare to those of the clients? Do the counselors receive training on culturally competent practice at the organization?
The organization’s role with respect to consultation and the diverse populations it serves. For example, do the staff offer consultation services to other professionals in the community, such as medical personnel, law enforcement, school personnel?
The organization’s role with respect to advocacy for the diverse populations it serves. For example, do the staff or organization advocate for diverse populations relative to mental health issues at the community level? At the national level? With respect to public policy?
Identify and discuss a public policy relevant to this organization and population.
Consider the basic principles of social justice and the ways in which mental health agencies demonstrate cultural competence presented in Chapter 4 of the Sue and Sue text.
How well does the organization you researched manifest cultural competence?
Where would you place this organization on the continuum of cultural competence?
Imagine you are hired on as a counselor with this organization upon graduation.
What would you see as your role in advocating for and enhancing the cultural proficiency of the organization?
What two or three changes with respect to the cultural competence of the organization would you most want to see as a counselor at this organization, and why?
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Multicare Community Mental Care
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Multicare Community Mental xxxxx
Institutional xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Community Mental xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx of the Multicare Community Mental Care
Multicare xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx is x mental health facility that xxxxxx any one from xxx Freeport Community in xxx York. The facility xxxx xxxxxx other clients from the external regions of xxx xxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxx The xxxxxxx are able xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx mental therapy, psychometric xxxxxxxx among xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx services. The services xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxx quality xxx inculcate xxxx xxxxxxx xx mental healthcare xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx the client. The xxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx with x mental xxxxxxxx xxxx the local citizens and xxx xxxxxxx immigrant can access services xxxxxxxxx on their socio-economic xxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Mental Care xxxxx with the xxxxxxxx Immigration Department to assist illegal xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx needs xxx xxxx them xxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxx home countries. The mental xxxxxx xxxxxxxx is located on xxx xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx it is accessible by both road xxx xxxxx
xxx Role xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Health Care
The Multicare xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx has x major xxxx xx xxxxx of
– – – more text follows – – –

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