Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The research project should make use of relevant bibliography (suggested bibliography is

provided below for reference) and it should cover the following matters:


  1. What were the reasons that led to organisational change and what was the purpose of

change? 2. Who were the involved stakeholders and what role did each of them play in the process

of change?

  1. Describe, using relevant theory and/or framework, the process of change that occurred

in the organization you’ve chosen.

  1. Describe how the changing organisational context has influenced the changes that have

been undertaken

  1. How would you evaluate the outcome of change?


Your project should also analyse and discuss in more depth two issues from the following list: I. Discuss the role that leadership played in this organisational change

  1. Analyse the challenges of changing organizational culture

III. Describe the role that Information Technology played in organisational change

  1. Discuss the role of innovation (in products and/or services) in the changes that have

been observed

  1. Analyse the politics that occurred in the process of change and report instances of

resistance to change

  1. Report on what were the lessons that we can learn from the reported organizational


Analyze and discuss the management of organizational changes in Starbucks