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Alternative Childbirth Education

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            Prenatal aspects are associated with issues that occur during pregnancy. The support that pregnant women get from their partners is significant in helping them go through pregnancy. As provided by Tyson (2015) in her movies, pregnant women exhibit fear due to pregnancy experiences and worries about the outcome. The management of aspects revolving around pregnancy is based on things one has control over, has little control, or has not to control altogether. Men may not have a lot of experience about pregnancy but should be respectably involved in helping their pregnant women. The pregnancy period undergoes a gradual transition into labour. Physiology aspects are crucial to observe in helping pregnant women. For instance, understanding how pelvis works in a woman is good because women have different types of pelvises. Hormones influence the opening of the pelvis, and exercises such as bending usually support the process to pave the way for the baby. The uterus is composed of various features that support a baby. As time progresses to delivery, the uterus grows 30cm high. Various layers and muscles in the uterus help in the contraction and relaxation process. Oxytocin hormone helps the uterus and softening the cervix and prepares a baby for birth. A pregnant woman receives help from various parties, including partners in enhancing oxytocin hormone and developing nerves that support the movement of the uterus to allow the proper opening of the pelvis. The physiology aspect revolving around the cervix is crucial for understanding how a baby’s head fits in the vagina. Tissues around the vagina allow temporary expansion of muscles to facilitate the fitting of a baby after the cervix has softened. Activities such as walking and weight lifting are health for allowing softening of the cervix and improved circulation. A pregnant woman should be highly sensitive about fatal movement. The birth process is supported by various veins, nerves, and mucus that are witnessed upon reaching 39th week for delivery.

Labour and birth

            Child labour occurs in stages including false labour, active labour, and the second stage. The false labour is characterized by initial contractions that may be deceiving to be active labour. No contraction should, however, be ignored. The stage is usually called a patience test because various confusing challenges characterize it. At this stage, the cervix is not dilated and distance contractions up to 40 cm occur.

            The active labour is characterized by 4-10 cm contraction. At this stage, the cervix is gone, and the head starts going out. Physiology aspects are important to note at this stage. A pregnant woman undergoes various aspects characterized by active labour and the second stage. First-time mothers experience a contraction of up to 10 minutes, unlike second-time mothers who may experience 40 minutes. The delivery period is expected to be within an hour or two. The thinning of the cervix is followed by many aspects, including the rapture of membranes and water break. Mucus may also be discharged. Friedman’s curve was established to showcase that dilation during birth occurs 1cm/hour following a straight curve. However, second mothers may experience it twice faster than the first mother. The mechanism can be through intervention or mechanical aspects. A mother undergoing too much struggle can go for injection of drugs to help in improving contractions, which are crucial for the baby’s health and delivery period. Mechanical aspects include exercise that allows good circulation and contraction.

            Active labour occurs between 5 to 10com. Different mechanisms including mechanical and use of drugs, can help in keeping the mother comfortable. However, one should not rely on drugs if there is no need. The decision to use drugs should be made earlier to avoid confusion during pains. Birth balls are crucial in helping mothers undergo labour. Lying down is not advisable. Penguin walk with the help of a partner is highly recommended. One should ensure blood sugar and breathing are normal. The baby’s head goes down between 3 to 4 cm. The baby should be well aerated through the umbilical cord. The movement of the baby’s head can be on and off down and should not be a worry. Also, the head may have unexpected features, including bones and color, but it is normal. One should allow the smooth passing of the head without interruption. The handling of the umbilical cord should not be worrying when it is tied around the neck. Cutting of the cord should not be in a hurry to ensure the baby’s heart rate is okay, and lungs are well functioning with enough oxygen.


            Resuscitating the baby may be necessary. The baby should be helped to adapt to a new environment by keeping it in a quiet and deem light environment. The baby should have warm breathing on fingers, feet, and nose but not the chest. Breastfeeding occurs within 20 minutes or more. The mechanism for breastfeeding includes having the baby open its mouth and helping it to pop on the breast. Holding the nipple alone will not produce milk. Bonding is crucial at this level but should not be exclusive for the first time. Babies are resilient while parents are sophisticated, and so one should not worry about bonding. A caregiver should examine the baby’s body to check whether all organs are okay, including symmetry, head, ears, and reflexes, among others. The next step is to look into the mother’s health. The uterus should adapt to its original form. However, before the process is complete, care should be taken, including avoiding vigorous activities. Middle wives are crucial in helping the baby and the mother.

Description of Information

            The movies portray various aspects. For instance, patient-centered care is observed by information provided regarding how a mother should take care of herself and the baby. Teamwork and collabouration are portrayed by how a mother and her partner can work together to ensure the former and the baby are in good condition from pregnancy to the postnatal period. The assistance of midwives also shows collabouration and teamwork, including how the delivery process and caring of the baby occurs. Evidence-based practice is portrayed by how professionals operate in caring for pregnant and young mothers, including tracing back to various resources such as Friedman’s curve. The quality improvement can be noted through how traditional ways of caring for pregnant and young mothers and their babies have evolved to modern systems. The movies provide informatics information electronically stored for easier retrieval. The movies provide safety measures for caring for mothers and babies before and after delivery.

            The information provided by the movies is crucial for any pregnant or lactating mother. Therefore, I would share it anytime with students and parents who wish to have an in-depth understanding of pregnancy and postnatal care.



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