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Measurements (& Surveys)

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Measurements (& Surveys).
Identify surveys or other ways you would obtain the data needed for a research project such as this (hypothetical) HOMELESS VETERANS one. Be sure to cite, including at least two sources for your narrative. So . . . let’s say you find a survey similar to your idea. Cite that. Discuss how you could/would adapt it to what you need. Or how you couldn’t possibly do so (with good, strong justification).

Other measures
If you are doing something besides a survey (see above), explain why, and how – what is it you’re doing, and why. Cite. You can cite someone who’s doing something similar, or a source on “how to do research.” Or a source on your content, explaining how people in general do this kind of thing and what they typically find.

Return to the syllabus and choose either one or two of the EPAS to answer this question. Identify which standard, and tie your answers to the first two parts of this assignment to them. Hint: the answer to this part of the assignment probably lives in your head already – don’t try to look it up

Running head: ASSIGNMENT 2 1
Assignment 2
1. Do the sociable individuals in society live a happier life? I base the question on studies carried out to find out whether persons with friendly traits possess a higher probability to live a more satisfied life (Siebert, Mutran and Reitzes, 1999). What entails a happy life? Scholars argue that a happy life is inclined to satisfaction, lower stress levels, and inner joy. I selected the question because it helps us understand how commitment to friendship is correlated to a higher satisfaction degree in life. The study found out, reliably, that social persons lived happier than isolated ones. The outcome is valid since it’s based on well-founded research.
2. Is substance a sign of social alienation? I base the question on Bourgio (2002) who explains that social isolation leads to engagement in drug usage. The question is important to understand the cause of drug use in the society. The study concluded that abusers are faced with socio-economic alienation from society such as deficiency of jobs. It is a valid argument because it’s reflective of the life of the substance abusers in the community. According to Dudley (2010), research enables a social worker be aware of the pressing needs in the human society.
3. Is psychological harm more prevalent among vulnerable persons? The question is based on studies about psychological effects on individuals (Dudley, 2010). He argues that psychological harm is far more destructive than the physical injury. The reason for selection of the question helps us have a greater understanding of the vulnerable people in the context of psychological harm. Vulnerable members of society include the aged, the physically and mentally retarded and the sick. The content validity of the study’s outcome points to symptoms such as withdrawal from society, self-esteem issues and suicides. The study thus reliably confirms that the vulnerable have greater challenges handling psychological pain more than other members of society (Dudley, 2010).
4. Why is feminist influence less acceptable in the marriage context? The question is based the study by Ferreeuse and McQuillan (1998) that sought to find out why husbands are reluctant in acceptance of influence of their marital counterparts. The study was vital to understand the basis for many of marital conflicts and the women’s influence in matrimony. The study showed a consistent behavior of couples dissatisfaction and structural inequalities in marriage. It, therefore, was a reliable study in human behavior. The research study was relatively accurate in its outcome, and it explained that husbands tend to have better jobs, more aged and educated and thus maintained their leading role position in marriage.
5. Why does the urban poor register low political participation? Fox and Lawless (2001) used a sample of 462 low-income individuals in New York. The question is selected to enable us understanding the reason low-income persons shun away from active public participation. Dudley (2010) states that the ethnographic study was meant to gather recommendations to enable poor urban individuals, uses a qualitative approach. The study incorporated consistent patterns in poor persons to participation in political events. Reliable outcomes pointed the low political turn out to tough economic times and less government reach at the community level. The validity was justified by those respondents who had negative experiences with welfare officers and thus less willing to take part in political events.
6. What is the impact of welfare system on its recipients? I base the question on Seccombe (2011) who carried out a research study on the consequences of the welfare system on the welfare beneficiaries. The question is selected since it seeks to identify the viability of the welfare system on the people who subscribe to it. She concentrated the study on low-income individuals who have been undermined by the culture of poverty. The reliability of the study is
evident. She studies individuals who faithfully depended on the system for aid and with the hope of alienating poverty. Thus she revealed an in-depth understanding of dependency aspects such as deficiency of employment, running welfare budget and significance of social support in society.
7. What is the relationship between social support and depression? Gellis (2003) conducted a research study in the form of structured interviews. His study comprised 99 Vietnamese refugees and employed questions with scales to establish the depression levels versus the social support. The question helps us understand whether kinship or non-kinship networks contributed to more depression. The study was thorough and thus reliable. The outcomes close to the real world scenario proposed that non-kinship social support reduced depression levels among the immigrants. Kinship networks increased levels of depression.
8. Why do female employees tend to earn less than their male counterparts? Gibelma (2003) advanced the study by use of research data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The question is relevant because it seeks to address the salary discrepancies among women and men. The work was reliable one since it was based on secondary data. She found out that salary differences were attributable to gender discrimination issues. The study is valid because it reflects the agony that faces underpaid female employees in comparison to male colleagues. I believe the quantitative research done is relevant and reliable.
9. What is the impact of multiple sex partners on self-esteem in adolescents? The question is based on research studies conducted to establish the correlation between self-esteem and multiple sexual partners. The question is very relevant in the understanding of adolescent sexual behaviors on self-esteem (Dudley, 2010). The study examined teen’s sexual behaviors over time,
more especially those with more than one partner. Data collection was exhaustive and thus provided a reliable foundation. The outcomes pointed low esteem cases for adolescents having multiple sex partners. The study is quite valid as one partner adolescents exhibited high self-esteem. One of the reasons was because; more partners meant a higher chance of contracting sexual diseases that greatly lowered their esteem.
10. What is the relationship between zero tolerance and school dropout rates? The study was conducted to establish a correlation between zero tolerance and dropout rates. The question is selected because it helps in understanding the suitability of the zero tolerance laws in the education sector (Dudley, 2010). Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided a reliable study Dudley (2010) defines reliability in terms of ‘internal consistency.’ The question is reliable since it is a straight forward question and not retrospective in nature. It was established that zero tolerance created an unwelcoming scenario for education leading to suspension or expulsion of students. The validity is ascertained because scholars argue that zero tolerance laws has criminalized conduct and failed to accommodative discipline the students.
11. I chose these questions because they have the potential to allow for the development of logical, ethical and emotional appeals that will convince the readers to accept the facts that will be presented in the answers. These questions have the potential in making people make changes in their beliefs regarding the issues that have tackled in the content. They elicit strong claims that support the position of an argument that I put forward, and this was important because any question with weak anchorage and no support cannot attract any following. I also chose the questions due to the fact that they were concerned with issues that affect the lives of people on a daily basis. For instance, issues such as social isolation, psychological harm and other subjects that have been covered in the questions are part of the human life and require proper understanding to enhance the harmonious existence of people.
12. The questions that I chose, in this case, can be seen as reliable. It is because the answers to the questions were well researched, and the information that was used to answer them came from credible sources. Another factor that strengthens their reliability is the fact that they have cited various studies that have been carried out regarding them. Additionally, the questions can be termed as reliable as they have been presented in a factual manner, using studies that took consideration of all ethical guidelines to make them as accurate as possible. There are no baseless assumptions in the answers, and this shows that any response that has been given is valid. An example, in this case, is question 3 whereby the answer is based on the studies that have been carried out about psychological effects on individuals. The answer sites Dudley and his opinion and suggestions on this topic.
13. These questions that have been chosen are valid from the beginning to the end. There are various reasons for this claim, one being that the sources that have been utilized in their
answering are reliable. The validity of the questions depends on the validity of the answers, and it is clear from the answers that nothing was made up. Everything has been cited, and the sources have been researched from a well thought and planned perspective. Finally, the validity of the questions can be supported by the fact that each cited source has been engaged at least twice in the answers, thus pointing out that, there is confidence in the sources to the extent of being regularly used to support different arguments.
14. I know that the questions are valid in nature because the answers have started off by providing a strong anchorage in the thesis statement, and then progressed in offering a detailed account of the issue in question. It is also evident that the coherence in which the answers have been provided is a quality that can only be related to validity. Additionally, the claims that have been made in the answers only show that there is strength in the content of the answer. Finally, I know that the questions that have been chosen are valid due to the manner in which they stand firmly by themselves in a manner that almost challenges an individual to answer them. They have a strong ability to elicit critical thinking, something that can only be accredited to a strong question.
Dudley, J.R. (2010). Research methods for Social Work. New York. Pearson Publishers

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